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Author Topic: So I've Got Unleashx Working... But...  (Read 55 times)


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So I've Got Unleashx Working... But...
« on: September 10, 2013, 03:27:00 PM »

Two questions really:
I modded this drive by copying the C and E folders from my 8 gig drive, and built the new drive using the xboxhdm2.2 usb edition and copying those c and e folders to the hdm/ndure/c and e folders and it all went great.
One thing I've noticed didn't seem to copy: the dual boot on eject of the 8gig drive didn't transfer to the new one, and when I choose 'launch ms dashboard' from the new drive (which gives an unmodded dash on the old drive) I get error 21 and have to reboot.

***EDIT*** I followed another thread regarding the 'path' of the link for games, that solved the issue for launching from F drive.
MS Dash link still produces error 21 and forces a reboot though.  I THINK I know why -- when I browse the contents of e and c drive I notice that most of my filenames have been SHORTENED to 8 characters or less and have ~1 appended to the filename.  Could this be the issue?
I ftp'd the c and e folders out of my old drive, they likely got renamed somewhere during that process.  I think.
Does that sound right to someone more experienced?

A third minor issue possibly related to the second issue of the filenames truncated / ms dash launch fails:
I cannot retain a change of skin on unleashx.  When I choose a new one, and reset the xbox, it goes back to the default skin.  Other settings (date and time) are retaining okay but the skin keeps defaulting.