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Author Topic: Odd Unleashx Skin Behaviour Or Something Else?  (Read 42 times)


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Odd Unleashx Skin Behaviour Or Something Else?
« on: June 07, 2012, 08:43:00 AM »

I download a selection of UnleashX skins some weeks ago and I've been tring them out and copying some over  to my other Xboxes. I noticed this rather odd issue.

The skin in question is Dino_Unleashed_v2 and it was FTPed straight to my chipped Xecuter 2.6 v.1.6 machine. It looked to work OK so I copied the folder to a USB flash drive and put it on two other Xboxes a v.1.1 and a v.1.2.

I went back to the chipped machine and tried to switch to the next skin I was going to look at and I found the System > Skins menu option was missing. I scrolled through and it refused to reappear even though it had been there immediately after I'd swapped to it from the previous skin.

The dash was also only displaying three menu items at one time, an odd number considering the designed display window size. I went back to the main Start Menu and same thing there too with the last item on the list, Shutdown, apparently missing.

The thing is neither the Skin or Shutdown menu option is missing, it just won't display. If you scroll down to the last item highlighted and scroll down one notch again and click both those 'missing' item are there and work.

Skin.xml problem you might have thought but nothing looks wrong.

Here is the first of two odd things if I turn the <Icon> skin.xml entry from "False" to "True" and reboot, the Shutdown and Skin menu options start to display properly again. But, another oddity, only the System sub menus have the Xbox icon beside them, not the main Start Menu options. I turn the icon off again and the display problem returns.

Now here's the really perplexing thing. This display issue only occurs on this chipped machine. The same skin folder was copied to the other machines mentioned and since then another v.1.6 too. It displays 100% correctly on all these. I've even re-FTPed the downloaded original skin folder from my laptop to the chipped Xbox but the problem remains.

I just don't get how or why a skin can behave oddly like this just on one machine. The only difference is that it is a chipped Xbox (set up with AID chipped one-click install) and the other machines are all softmods. One done with an old SID but the other two, including the other v.1.6, done with the same AID disc except softmod one-click install of course.

It's not a vital matter but I would be interested in an explanation.

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