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Ps3 Disc Issues
« on: May 30, 2013, 09:50:00 PM »

I am working on a newer fat PS3 that uses the KES-410A laster.  The system quit playing games, movies, and discs in general.  Replaced the laser since it wouldn't even recognize an audio cd.  After replacing the laser and re-assembling the unit it still didn't work properly.  When you attempt to put a disc in it makes a buzzing noise then you can see the grooved piece on the side of the tray spin but nothing moves.  Took it apart a few times and made sure nothing was loose, hung, everything attached, etc.  Each time I would try to insert a disc it was the same outcome.  So I find a new motor, replace it and still the same outcome.  

What am I missing?  I have checked all cable/ribbons at least 8-10 times, all screws seem fine and nothing "looks" broken ie gear teeth chipped, etc.