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The Coica Bill
« on: November 03, 2010, 11:24:00 AM »

The COICA Internet Censorship and Copyright Bill

The "Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act" (COICA) is an Internet censorship bill which is rapidly making its way through the Senate. Although it is ostensibly focused on copyright infringement, an enormous amount of noninfringing content, including political and other speech, could disappear off the Web if it passes.

The main mechanism of the bill is to interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS), which translates names like "" or "" into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate. The bill creates a blacklist of censored domains; the Attorney General can ask a court to place any website on the blacklist if infringement is "central" to the purpose of the site.

If this bill passes, the list of targets could conceivably include hosting websites such as Dropbox, MediaFire and Rapidshare; MP3 blogs and mashup/remix music sites like SoundCloud, MashupTown and Hype Machine ; and sites that discuss and make the controversial political and intellectual case for piracy, like, p2pnet, InfoAnarchy, Slyck and ZeroPaid . Indeed, had this bill been passed five or ten years ago, YouTube might not exist today. In other words, the collateral damage from this legislation would be enormous. (Why would all these sites be targets?)

There are already laws and procedures in place for taking down sites that violate the law. This act would allow the Attorney General to censor sites even when no court has found they have infringed copyright or any other law.

Ok. So the US and EU are now trying to pass a law which will block or take down tons of websites which they think contains copyrighted materials. If this bill is pass through, it will be another great internet firewall similar to China... :|' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>Bill Status' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>COICA Fact Sheet' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>COICA News