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Xbox + Mce
« on: October 03, 2012, 01:00:00 AM »

So I'm brand new to Xbox and Media Center and am trying to get this setup.  Previously I was just accessing my video files directly through the System Video Player but it wasn't working well so I'm trying to use the Xbox as an Extender.

I have MCE setup and the Xbox sees it and the movies are there.  However, here's the issues I have.  Some (or all) of these might be specifically MCE issues and nothing to do with the Xbox at all but I'm just not sure.

My Setup:
I have TV shows and I have Movies.  In my "My Videos" folder I have a Movies folder and a TV Shows folder.  In the TV Shows folder I have a folder for each show.  In the Movies folder I just have all my movie files (no sub-folders).

I need a way to separate the TV Shows from the Movies so:
I added the Movies folder as a path for the Movies section within MCE.
I added the TV Shows folder as a path for Recorded Videos.
I don't actually use MCE to watch TV or record videos or anything like that.  It's strictly for playback.

My Issues:
When I go to Movies in MCE, I see all the movies with the different color squares.  Is there an easy (or automated) way that I can get thumbnails to show up like how WMP can automatically download cover art for CDs?  Otherwise what's the official way to get thumbnails to show up instead of the squares?  Or is there a way to just view the files as a big list instead of the grids?

When I go to Recorded TV it doesn't show me anything.  Is there a way to get the TV Shows to show up under Recorded Shows?  If not, is there some other way to separate the Movies from the TV Shows?  And can I also get a thumbnail view for the shows as well?

Thanks for any help.