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Author Topic: Fahrenheit 9/11, Just Wanted To Get Peoples  (Read 71 times)


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Fahrenheit 9/11, Just Wanted To Get Peoples
« Reply #135 on: July 04, 2004, 10:55:00 AM »

QUOTE (Foe-hammer @ Jul 4 2004, 03:54 AM)
Then i guess we agree that leaving saddam in power would not promote peace in Iraq.  What we disagree on is how and in what manner he was relieved of power.  Regardless, a regime collapse could not be avoided if saddam were to be relieved from power (he wasn't going to go quietly), and chaos is what's expected under such conditions.  Whether Bush's approach was the right one only time will tell.  I'm just glad that you or I did not have to make that decision.  But instead of damning Pres. Bush for the decision he made, lets hope/pray that all will work out, and that Iraq will be a better place then what it was and now is.

thats the thing foe-hammer, we can pray and hope, but it wont lead anywhere.

Theres all this talk that a democratic country in the middle east will help things for the better, but its just going to stir up a shit storm (think of how long those muslims have lived there, at least 10 centuries, there not going to enjoy a new form of government over there, which im sure the US will try to use as a poster boy)
and then think of all the iraqi's that are still fighting us, they wont just go away, and if things continue for much longer, its going to get much worse. You cant just take away a government that provided a safe haven from rapists, looters, power outages, food shortages, and (for a somewhat) dead civilians (yes, sadaam did kill civilians, but to the majority of the country, they didnt care as they were of different religion, ie kurds and shiots (sp??))

All im saying is, i wish the situation would get better, but the way bush seems to think, whatever happens in iraq (it gets worse, more soldiers die, it gets better bush plans more invasion) i doubt we will come out of it better off
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