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Author Topic: Xtv-lite (lost In Translation Edition) V 1.0  (Read 53 times)


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Xtv-lite (lost In Translation Edition) V 1.0
« on: February 03, 2020, 08:55:00 AM »

first of all im not a pro skinner , so i appologize if the changes/mod/fix are minor

i have been helping wyrm (xtv-saf skinner) with testing xtv-saf 1.20 xbox version before it was released (its a miracle how xtv-saf 1.20 even got released,because wyrm doesnt even owned xbox), but because of limited time & resource some feature/option got lost in translation    
so xtv-lite created to bring back featues/option (mainly fanart suport for games) that lost in translation from xtv-saf 1.11, while adding more option so this skin can be used for both gamers, comic book fan & movie goers

i've already have blessing from wyrm, it would be a shame if i kept this skin to myself so i want to share it with you guys

changes from the original xtv-saf 1.20 :
added back fanart game suport (copy fanart file (jpg) to the game folder, rename it to fanart & enable "use fanart as background' option on skin setting-background)

added back trainersettings.xml

added more info on media overlay & playercontrol

added 2 new home meenu : emulators & comics (create source name it emulators & comics, enable it on skinsettings-home menu)

added new horizontal home menu based on wrap list (enable it on skinsettings-home menu)

change icon for games & game saves (hope you guys like it)

chnage fanart-background code to 90FFFFFF so fanart become more visble

fanart games suport
(IMG:' target='_blank'>
(IMG:' target='_blank'>
(IMG:' target='_blank'>
(IMG:' target='_blank'>

wrap home menu with new menu & icon
(IMG:' target='_blank'>
(IMG:' target='_blank'>
(IMG:' target='_blank'>

i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did
im going to continue improve it, so any feedback would be really useful

last but not least i want to thanks wyrm for his support, guidance, blessing & opprotunity to work with him
thanks guys

skin download

optional download
intro video