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Author Topic: Xbox Shuts Off While In Xbmc  (Read 54 times)


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Xbox Shuts Off While In Xbmc
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:07:00 AM »

Hello everyone, just wanted to see if anyone is having the same problem with their xbox. Mine shuts off after a while only when I am in XBMC. If I restart the system and leave it in the Unleash dash,it stays on all day. I have a 2 tb hard drive in the xbox and have had it this way for about a year and a half. I did partition it correctly so I know that isn't the problem. To trouble shoot,I deleted my XBMC folder and installed the latest 3.2 version of XBMC. I didn't install my User data  folder from my previous version,it was a complete new install. It appeared to work and I left it on all day on the XBMC home screen. But when I was almost finished scanning the DVD covers for all my avi movies it turned off and is doing the same thing(shutting off after a while). I know when it is about to shut off cause the screen starts to glitch. I was thinking maybe it overheating,but then why does it stay on in the unleash dash.I have also tried increasing fan speed,but no help. It appears it started happening after I updated my XBMC to newer version,not the 3.2 that is in it right now. Anyone have any idea what is going on and how I can correct it?