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i never companled abought the xna cost. now at the moment thers not mutch for it that would make me wanna buy a year yet. 100$ a year or 16 bucks a month isnt rely all that bad for all the homebrew you whant. so 150 a year for xna and xbl or the cost of 3 games totaly open all the doors to the 360.  its not the cost that bothers me its the lack of stuff so far but im shure that will change if they manage to port xbmc well thats instant for me but thats gonna be a hard one. and if you relly dont wana pay the fee for xna guess what you can run anything ported or made for the 360 on your pc for free. couse thats how xna works it always cross compiles.

hahah can you say i told you so. once he got the code cleaned and optmised wala its fully working. guess the last stage is sound and menus. sound might be harder but we shall see. snes psx n64 anyone lol.

acully i spoke to a xna coder today after i posted that. he says it has a garbage collection  system and it can be very slow. bascily if it memery leaks it toses it in garbage. bascily couse of this system its cousing some slowdowns unfortanly he does not have a 360 to acully compile test runs to see whats cousing it to slowdown its just his knolage of the ce net system and xna. we also talked abought acully getting a rom loader working so we where reading some docs on how it acesses the hd and memery cards. he beleves getting it at fullspeed whont be to hard we didnt relly do talk to mutch abought sound.

my frends is a very good coder if i can get him to work on it we can acully probly get everything working hes done some nifty stuff with limited code befor.

then your no coder. unoptimized code and run relly relly slow. even a 8 bit emulator. i have done 2d games in my time and unoptiized it runs like shit on my 1.8 mhz pc but optmized it runs fine in a 486. why couse it was memery leaking like crazy cousing everything to slow down to a crawl cpu usage 99% when i was done it was down to like 2%. the point is raw code like this is very very slow no matter what it is running on. i bet the emu is even slow on a windows pc.

weather it is ust the raw code or the xna i still think is guess work. beingi have seen some compleated xna apps i would say its couse its a raw port once someonepicks up on it and cleans it up it would get gains in the thousands when it comes to speed. as for sound that might be a bit harder.

XeXDK development / Xbox360 Homebrew in Progress: MAME360, ScummVM
« on: March 05, 2007, 03:06:00 AM »
well to clear things up. xna is a ok app my frend codes with it hes making a streets of rage type game for xna so to all those club members get ready for a good one he makes good shit and is a kickass gfx desiner and coder. where talking movie qualty stuff hear.  xna is defently good in that world however its still sandbox modea and cant do stuff like online modes or any real apps like xbmc. emulation is also very hard to do. unlike modded mode that can do homebrew without any restrections.

real alternative is said to make it work.

that emulator as always been slow. the xbox isnt relly emulating anything your pc is.

we my friends are looking at a first gen mod chip  (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)  funny thing is a couple years ago i said there should be a way to hijack the kernel and use your own when the very first hack came out.

this im happy for being it will enable homebrew.

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i did say dead i said dying.

yes it only works on x86. 360 linux isnt gonna be all that great its ppc and thats a dying arc in the pc world. not even ubuntu releses a ppc version anymore.

*nix OS and libxenon software on Xbox 360 / Gentoo Livecd Xenon Beta
« on: April 02, 2007, 10:46:00 AM »
thats and most of us dont have the bulls to open are 360s. they brake way to easy as it is lol and if its warrentyed like most of ares nope im not opning it lol. there to dam expensiv to replace.  still i do hope this leads to some better mods soon enough couse a softwhere mod like this can easly be patched now its going to have to be hardware.

Xbox360 LIVE / PS3 vs. Wii vs. 360: Which Console Downloads Games Fastest?
« on: February 03, 2009, 06:01:00 PM »
this test doesn't mean anything it all depends on your setup isp speed pings lag hardware server load and so on. example hear when i changed my wireless roguhter my wiis speed online changed alot. alot faster hehe.

now if you where to compare it to say the psp and its slow wireless b card then yes being it card is slow.

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Xbox360 LIVE / Xbox 360's Dead Online Games
« on: August 12, 2008, 02:13:00 PM »
svr always falls off when the next years version is coming close to launch. take the same test on 09 and check that very large player base. svr 07 was very activ untill 08. like any sports game i bet madden 08s player base just crashed being 09 came out today.

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delisting games that do not sell is not a failer. its just cleaning up. and they said its along the lines of like 3% or something of the title being delisted meaning alot are selling well.

Xbox360 LIVE / Rumor: MS to Compensate Gold Members for LIVE Downtime?
« on: January 01, 2008, 07:15:00 PM »
i agree most company's conpasate you if your having trouble with there service. they do this not because they have to but because they want you to keep using there service  sending you a 20$ free phone or crediting you for a month service is worth the cost if you stay with them for sevrel more years. its not abought how mutch you pay its abought keeping you paying.

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