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Newbie Chat / Microsoft ends original Xbox support on March 2 in the US
« on: February 28, 2009, 11:58:00 AM »
QUOTE(Vejita @ Feb 28 2009, 08:16 AM)' class='bbc_url' title=''>' alt='View Post' />

XBMC (720p Xvid AC3's for the win!)

Are you talking out your ass, or is this possible now??? AFAIK the XBOX could upscale but couldn't play a native 720p file regardless of codec.


Xbox1 homebrew took off not only because it was so easy to mod, but because it was a worthwhile device. Rock solid media center, and ripping your games to the HD is waay more convenient than DVDs. The 360 is a noisy, barely functional piece of crap to begin with. You can get a basic Dell with more power, and once you factor in the lifetime electric bill the Dell comes out cheaper.

BUT - Hopefully tmbinc et al will come up with some killer app for 360 homebrew! I'm just saying it's not here today.

So in other words, everybody pays them $99 for a chance to win $10,000. Sounds like the lottery, except you have to spend hundreds of hours programming  blink.gif

XNA is a trap. If they really cared about homebrew they would DROP THE DAMN SUBSCRIPTION FEE! Long live the hypervisor exploit  tongue.gif

QUOTE(MattyT @ Jan 30 2007, 11:00 AM)' class='bbc_url' title=''>' alt='View Post' />

I hope this shuts up all the people winging about XNA not being powerful

Uh, no, our point was that a 4 year old or trained monkey can make NES emulator run at full speed on a 486, the fact that lonecoder had any issues at all is troubling to say the least.

We all appreciate Lone Coder's efforts. Just sayin might not wanna hold your breath for XNA to solve all our problems. (Port over N64 or XBMC and prove us wrong!)

Everyone loves XBMC and the other original Xbox programs but they're also all illegal considered they were made using a Warezed development kit.

If XNA can't even run a NES emulator without optimization, XBMC will NEVER run. This is just more evidence that XNA is just a bullshit PR move by Microsoft that has no real use.

Xbox360 LIVE / Major Nelson Replies on Banned 'Lesbian' Xbox LIVE Gamertag
« on: February 26, 2009, 11:42:00 PM »
So it's for their own protection? Great idea!! And furthermore, we should ban them from wearing "fruity clothing" in public! PEOPLE MIGHT FIND OUT ABOUT TEH GAY!!

(/sarc obviously)

Xbox360 LIVE / Microsoft Confirms New Xbox 360 Console Banning
« on: November 12, 2008, 01:37:00 PM »
QUOTE(Arakon @ Nov 12 2008, 08:23 AM)' class='bbc_url' title=''>' alt='View Post' />

how the hell would MS know you have done the fix?

Simple, they just ban any console that actually still works  laugh.gif

QUOTE(hurlamania @ Aug 4 2007, 12:49 PM) '*'

also how to tell what units have the 65nm processor's and not the 90's

None so far, unfortunately. Hopefully they'll start appearing by Halo time? Fingers crossed!!!

Some benevolent nerd should take their crasher, open it up and photograph the heatsink, pay MS to fix it, and then photo the heatsink again. If the foil "disappears", class action lawsuit for everybody!

They said all along they would move to 65. Early adoption is not for the faint of heart or the faint of butt.

I wonder what the wattage difference will be. From an entropy perspective a computer is a heating element, so juice watts in -> heat watts out.

Xbox360 General / Hardware Chat / Xbox 360 DVD Adapter Pictures
« on: April 26, 2006, 06:19:00 PM »
It's useful in that it makes a half hour project of googling pinouts, drawing a schematic, etc into a 5 minute soldering job.

Xbox360 General / Hardware Chat / Llamma's Dvd Drive Fix
« on: December 07, 2005, 12:23:00 AM »

Do people that keep saying 'just don't move your 360' when it's on not own a single piece of consumer electronics? Nothing I own EXPLODES WHEN I MOVE IT. Consoles are a PLAYTHING. Like any other toy it shouldn't break easily. I can turn of my xbox at the end of a lan party and toss it in my backpack before the disc stops spinning, and I can move it around looking for where the hell did I put tiger woods golf without turning it off. I throw my controllers when i get fragged in halo. Hell, I even used to have a shitty solderless modchip and I often had to SUPLEX MY XBOX to seat the pins in to make it boot! Oh, such tough love...

A disc player that breaks disks is BROKEN. Just because we're all ms fanboys here doesn't mean we should sit around and TAKE IT IN THE ASS!

Xbox360 General / Hardware Chat / Forwards Compat Of Accessories?
« on: November 16, 2005, 12:58:00 PM »
I have a question for the lucky bastards with a 360 allready...

What's the deal with forwards compatibility of XBOX accessories? Like does the original  dvd remote, component or SVideo av packs, etc work with it? (nevermind that the 360 comes with those)

Also, anybody tried plugging in a USB-spliced XBOX controller?

Just curious...

up next on courttv! adaptec vs. macrovision!!

Halo® 3 / Halo 3 and NXE: HDD Install Causes Slower Loading Times ...
« on: November 20, 2008, 11:24:00 AM »
QUOTE(CsL @ Nov 20 2008, 11:43 AM)' class='bbc_url' title=''>' alt='View Post' />

There isn't a possibility to turn the scratch function off? I.e. clear and write-lock the partition, which is used as scratch.

If there's a hard drive present, Halo expects it to be writable. When the write failed it would think "unknown error" and exit/reboot.

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