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Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: nancy_kerrigan on September 03, 2003, 05:21:51 PM

I'm sure this has been said before but for those who missed it or didnt think of it yourself heres a way to easily switch between the nude version and original. For those who already knew this - go to hell with your flames tongue.gif

Apply the patches to to the afs files and default.xbe to make it the nude version (get them from - make sure you keep a backup of the original default.xbe (youll need this later). Once patched - test the default.xbe on your xbox and see that it works as nude etc

Now rename the nude default.xbe to default_NDE.xbe and ftp both that and the original default.xbe to the xbox DOAX folder.

Now you can launch normal DOAX (for the kiddies) from the Evox/ava menu without having to worry about anything. And if you do wanna play it in the nude mode, run boXplorer and then browse to the DOAX folder and just launch default_NDE.xbe from there.

I'm sure most of you already knew that - was more aimed at the n00bs


Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: scubyben27 on September 03, 2003, 06:08:25 PM

Or you could hex edit the xbe to show up in the evox games folder as DOA NDE

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: pimp´┐Ż on September 03, 2003, 06:11:30 PM

what game is this for....? laugh.gif

dead or alive extreme beach volley ball mabye....?

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: faceless on September 05, 2003, 07:24:08 PM

QUOTE (scubyben27 @ Sep 3 2003, 11:08 PM)
Or you could hex edit the xbe to show up in the evox games folder as DOA NDE

evox only autolists default.xbe's so the nude one wouldn't show up unless you manually add it anyway...

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: Mordenkainen on September 05, 2003, 09:31:12 PM

Or just use Parallax!


Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: Odb718 on September 05, 2003, 10:52:24 PM

You can use these handy tips for Halo trained too.
Basically any game where you change the Default.xbe and still want both versions. wink.gif  

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: bigshooter13 on September 06, 2003, 09:33:24 AM

One way to have both versions of the game (but would require lots of hardrive space if you have it and want to spare it) is to just backup the game twice on your harddrive. Have one folder for the original, then another folder for the nude version. Then just use xberenamer to edit the default.xbe of the nude version so it shows up under games as DOA VB Nude or something like that. Just a thought if you have a harddrive space to spare.  wink.gif  

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: Odb718 on September 06, 2003, 08:31:08 PM

Uhh, That's like the worst tip ever! wink.gif
Everyone gave great tips, but you. I'm not trying to go after you but I mean come on. DOAX is a pretty large game. WHY would anyone want TWO copies of it when there are many different ways to have just 2 .xbes and 1 of everything else.
PLUS your idea is the same as scubyben27 except you back up the game AGAIN! blink.gif
That's the whole reason this post is here, besides the kiddy thing, which your idea doesn't take into account. This post is so people DON'T HAVE TWO COPIES and can switch between versions!!! I think you missed that one early on.

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: Marmite on September 06, 2003, 09:22:18 PM

make the original default.xbe make the nude one nude.xbe link to nude.xbe in the evox ini. easy, nobody flame the dude for posting in the first place, he was just trying to help.

Title: NULL
Post by: 'XLNC' on September 07, 2003, 01:10:21 PM
                If you have MXM just give it a password  rolleyes.gif

Now, only if Evox had that feature  dry.gif  

Title: NULL
Post by: 'megahurtz' on December 17, 2003, 08:12:08 AM
                I patched my game on the hd and it worked great.  Strings still showed up, but I'll work on that later.

My problem is trying to get the original version working too.  After I verified that my patches worked, I renamed the hacked default.xbe to hackeddefault.xbe.  Then I copied over a backup of the unmodified default.xbe.

If I run the hackeddefault.xbe from boxplorer, the game runs fine.  However, trying to run default.xbe or just launching the game from EvoX locks the game up.  It freezes either after I pick my characters or right before entering the demo mode.

How can I get both to work?  The readme from the ppf files said not patching the default.xbe and then patching datadvd.afs will cause the game to freeze where it does on mine.  I'm looking for a work around.  I have a backup of the unmodified datadvd.afs too if that would help.

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: Joshua Wood on December 17, 2003, 11:22:44 AM

I would guess that you need 2 copies of both default.xbe and datadvd.afs - one hacked, one original set. Do as you did, but also rename the hacked datadvd.afs. Then hex edit the hacked default.xbe, search for datadvd.afs and change this to the renamed version. However, to make sure you don't overwrite any other info in the hacked default.xbe when hex editing, keep your renamed datadvd.afs to the same size, say for eg, hackdvd.afs, rather than make it longer like datadvdhacked.afs.

That would be my first thing to try. That way the orignial default points to the original datadvd, and the hacked default points to the hacked datadvd.

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: cesar_sanchez on December 17, 2003, 11:41:57 AM

I use Unleashx as a dashboard, and can switch nude and normal modes with a script, and can also set password for nude mode.

This new dashboard rocks  love.gif  

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: Corspegrinder99 on December 17, 2003, 03:54:26 PM

why would you want to switch? love.gif  love.gif  love.gif  

Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: megahurtz on December 17, 2003, 08:35:43 PM

Hex editing my hacked default.xbe worked like a charm.  I had to replace 3 strings (1 for datadvd and 2 for datahdd) and now everything is working well.  EvoX launches the unmodified game from its menu and I can run the hacked version from boxplorer.

The downside is I need an extra copy of datadvd and datahdd(to remove the strings on the swim suits).  That eats up around an extra 800 or 900 megs, but I guess thats better than another 4gig installation of the game.

I renamed my hacked datadvd and datahdd to datadv1 and datahd1.  I didn't want to change the name length because I was afraid it would throw the rest of the hex values off.

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Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: Vinpire on December 17, 2003, 10:11:16 PM

heres what i did, it is working (afaik):

1) patched my default.xbe and renamed it to doaxxx.xbe
2) copied my unpatched default.xbe over and renamed it doaxbv.xbe
3) patched the datadvd.afs with the "new textures" and renamed it dataxxx.afs
4) copied the unpatched datadvd.afs over
5) made a menu using mxm which launches either version
6) hex edited the doaxxx.xbe to replace the string datadvd.afs with dataxxx.afs which sure enough does work...

now the game won't fit on one dvd. so i removed the multilingual videos which i am under the impression are the exact same video just with a different language stream, i forget the names but i'll look em up if anyone is interested. then i hex edited the files the same as before and replaced all the names of the deleted videos with the english language version i left on the disc. hey presto, both versions, one disc, nothing missing except a few videos i can't understand anyway.

i'm using the PAL version of doaxbv btw.

Edit: the videos were named along the lines of
i'm not saying those are the exact names but the beginnings are the correct vids, just those 4 beginning with 9, a, b, and c.


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Title: Doax Nude/non-nude Switch
Post by: FyRazer on October 09, 2010, 04:27:09 AM

Wrong thread, sry...  rolleyes.gif

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