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Title: Demo Kit
Post by: REVO1 on July 11, 2012, 03:39:30 PM

Hey guys, I have never posted on scenyx so please no hard words if I am in the wrong spot, but I have read enough to know that if I get the right person it wont matter where I post to get an honest answer. I received a demo kit console in a huge lot and mistook it for being modded and left it sitting on a shelf for months. I did some googling thinking maybe it was a jtag and started to learn about the dev and demo kits because of the executables dashboard it has and the demo kit sticker it has on the back. The most recent sale I could personally find was years ago and It was for around $400, which is about the cheapest  have found one. I do not know if it is worth more, or less, now with three years past.
  I have it on ebay and have taken pics. ( Will only mention my ebay id if someone says it is ok). There is one buyer interested and gave me an offer of $150 saying with the pics he saw he knew it was a real demo kit console but went to saying that the case and what not proably do not match up. Well, I took it from the executables dash to the main dash and took a picture showing the serial numbers match up between the cage, dash, and shell.
  I am no hacker, nor modder but know my way around an Xbox very well and have been repairing and selling them for upwards of 5 years. Knowing I have never seen another like it, I feel it must be somewhat rare. This Xbox has never had rrod, runs smooth, is a late 07 with hdmi and has a 2.057 bladed dashboard when not on the executable dashboard.  No side bus as it is only a demo kit console. I only have the console, no hard drive or accessories.
   On the executables dash it says flash 4548.0 xdk 5426.0, and test is all 0s.
Can somebody please tell me what I have? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Title: Demo Kit
Post by: REVO1 on July 12, 2012, 04:11:56 PM

Ok guys, I havent gotten any replies. Well anyways, the console is the only demo kit console on ebay so it should be easy to find if you look it up. My bidder has taken me from ebay to email in my mind to keep others away from the facts that we have figured out, so if you see my add I have more pictures and info that I have kicked back and forth with him that I will gladly share with you also. I have it now at $275 obo and would like for someone that can use it to be the one that buys it. It is 100% real and my best offer is $150 atm. I will keep it before I accept the offer but may be persuaded if met in the middle. I have 735 good feedback with a 99.3% detailed seller rating. I do not play games ( unless it is a video game ). My ebay id is 602thomasclayton88

Title: Demo Kit
Post by: Need Help Now! on July 15, 2012, 02:18:18 PM

I don't see it on eBay anymore, so I'm guessing you've pulled it down by now.

Demo Kits are typically Test Kits without sidecars. They're essentially development units that tend to be used in tradeshows because they look like a retail console, but are running a development kernel under the hood. They don't scare away consumers, or get people asking questions.

The $150 offer is a little low, but it really depends on the market. I feel it could fetch around 300 to the right person, so your 275 pricemark was a good target. Whoever you're having the back and forth with is just trying to get it out of the public eye, and nab it at a good price. You could sell it now at that price, or wait till someone with a bit more cash comes along.

Best of luck,