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Title: Need Some Help Installing Linux
Post by: StoopidMunky11 on December 29, 2011, 02:50:21 PM

I've had this xbox for a few years now. It's a V1.0 with an X2 chip installed, running XBMC. But, I've become bored with the setup I currently have and wish to unlock my Box's full potential. I've known about putting Linux onto the Xbox for awhile, but never really had the time to fiddle with it. Now that I do have the time, I want to install either Gentoox or xDSL...therein lies the problem...

I have read the FTP instructions on how to do a Frugal install for both systems, followed the directions to a tee, and still cannot get these to work. I'd be happy with xDSL, as I had it on my laptop before it was stolen. I like the setup and have become quite familiar with it. But, not with the problem I am facing.

For some reason, after setting up everything in E:\KNOPPIX folder and setting up the linuxboot.cfg file to run, everything boots fine from the Xromwell 2.4 BootLoader...but when xDSL finishes up scanning USB devices, it begins to search for the KNOPPIX filesystem, but cannot find it. Instead, it states "Can't Find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry" and drops me to a very limited cmd prompt...which I cannot do anything with, even with a keyboard attached...

This is what is in the linuxboot.cfg file:
title XDSL
kernel KNOPPIX/linux24
initrd KNOPPIX/minirt24.gz
append root=/dev/ram0 init=/etc/init rw video=xbox:640x480 frugal quiet kbd-reset

And my files are placed as so:

Am I doing something wrong? Am I leaving something out? Should I try something else? I'm leaving actually burning a cd as the last ditch effort, as I'd rather not have to go buy a bunch when I only need a couple, if that. Any help would be appreciated greatly as I have spend the majority of the last three days trying to get somewhere with this only to get the same message over and over again. Thank you in advance