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Title: Reflash Troubles
Post by: Medobear on May 10, 2011, 07:47:05 PM

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At this point I am able to get the system booting to the Cromwell BIOS 2.32 screen and on occasion it will give me an option of booting from either the dvd drive or network (Although for some reason this only occurs about 10% of the time, otherwise it will hang at various stages).

I could use some direction in setting up a disk (cd-r preferably) to boot from which will allow me access to the tools required to flash either from a disk or via ftp. I'm having great difficulty finding a guide to gentoox or resctoox, could someone possibly offer an explanation of how to set this up or point me towards a walkthrough? The ultimate goal is to (I think) boot into Cromwell, then load the utilities from the disk, then reflash the other 512k bank. Thank you~