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Title: Playin' With Ps
Post by: w2kj on April 30, 2011, 10:15:56 AM

hi gfx'rs! just trying another attempt at Ps. constructive criticism welcome. as some of y'all know i'm prolly one of the oldest x-s gfx forum members. i got hooked in it after i had my stroke to do some personal brain rehab. i know the gfx forum is nearly extinct...but i still like to stop in from time to time as i am still learning a li'l more each time i play with Ps.

ok...'nuff said.  i decided to attempt at doing a "pop-out". (i think that's the term.) so without more ado here are my attempts.

here is my first...(by the way; my ma-in-law took this pic of me in '84 or '85 but it looked good for a subject.)

IPB Image

and here is my second...

IPB Image

my daughter likes the second one better...i kinda do too; but i think i like the first one's background better.

thanx for looking... cool.gif

Title: Playin' With Ps
Post by: w2kj on May 11, 2011, 08:31:03 AM

tried a fake HDR image...

IPB Image

Title: Playin' With Ps
Post by: StrictPuppet on May 12, 2011, 12:17:00 AM

Glad you're still kicking around smile.gif

I think I like the second image in your first post the best. It has a very retro feel so your subject fits perfectly. Although the background is a bit busy, its seems a better fit than your white background.  Nice work.