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Title: Ps3 Memory Card Adaptor Drivers For Pc
Post by: Bomb Bloke on June 10, 2008, 04:21:18 AM

I've spent the last few hours looking for these and I'm starting to get a headache. All I can find is posts around the web of people requesting this over the last couple of years, and replies along the lines of "that would be cool".

I picked up the adapter on the self-obtained notion that I could use it to install the Independence Exploit ( (which allows a PS2 to boot homebrew when booted off a PS1 disc) to a PS2 memory card via my PC. However I'm starting to suspect that I cannot.

Of course all information I've found concerning the install process suggests using a PS2 cheat disc or a modchip to do the install. Buying more gear - especially items that make the exploit redundant! - is not something I'm considering an option here, as the PS2 I'm working with is merely on loan.

So is there such a driver available? If so, what is it called, and where could I find more information about it?

Alternatively, I understand that although it was not originally possible a later update enables the PS3 to copy data to PS2 memory cards. In this case I should be able to convert the exploit to PSV format and transfer it to the PS3 using a USB drive, then get it onto the card itself. Does that sound right?

I also read that the PS3 does not support memory cards of any size other then 8mb, whereas mine happens to be 64mb. Is this still an issue? I can likely borrow an 8mb card if so, once I have the exploit running I should in theory be able to setup as many memory cards as I like using a PS2.

At present I don't have access to the later console (they don't seem to be very popular and I certainly don't intend to buy one), but it'd be worth knowing if this'd work since it may be my only option.

Title: Ps3 Memory Card Adaptor Drivers For Pc
Post by: troy2000 on August 24, 2008, 06:02:22 AM

There are no Windows drivers for a PS2 memory card.  When I was first installing the Independece exploit, I had a similar plan to do it without using an AR disc.

The PS3 does indeed have the ability to transfer data from a virtual PS3 memory card to an actual PS2 memory card, however it can not do this the other way around.

I'm afraid you're out of luck without Action Replay or something similar.

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Title: Ps3 Memory Card Adaptor Drivers For Pc
Post by: Bomb Bloke on October 01, 2008, 07:38:54 PM

Thanks for that. I'm afraid I stopped checking this thread after the first month.  wink.gif

Anyway, I thought to come back and take one last look after yesterday finally giving in and ordering the AR.