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Title: Nintendo Wii U Give Players A New Game Of Fantasy Opportunity
Post by: Donohop on May 11, 2012, 03:30:00 AM
Nintendo announced that they would have a nintendo Wii game is about to roll out of the U, launched this autumn abnormalities. But players like to talk about their fantasy game. We all have our wish list.
  Nintendo: the company has described as high definition graphics, similar to the Wii motion sensor, controller and touch screen tablet, and the near field communication Wiiu. I want to see the nintendo finally to embrace the world online game and digital distribution. How to the nintendo ds on steam, requirements GamesBeat writer stefanie sun's fogg. Nintendo is embracing of the correct idea as a controller, but it really should be for all the way and use iPhone or iPad as the input device.
 Microsoft:Rumors appeared in this week, Microsoft will provide subsidies of its current psu on Xbox 360 console Kinect suit a price of $99 a month to pay $15, if you for a subscription for a period of two years. Marching down the road, toward a subscription based on the console, like mobile phone contract, one of the hardware is free, you pay for software or online subscription. The most important is, free play business models, users free and charge of virtual items real money to play, made social and mobile platform of a big splash, but they may be destructive to the game.