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Author Topic: Ps4/xbox One Tech Spec Comparisons 'meaningless'  (Read 700 times)


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Ps4/xbox One Tech Spec Comparisons 'meaningless'
« Reply #15 on: October 11, 2013, 06:49:46 PM »

It does seem as though the PS4 is the better looking and highest spec console right now.

It also worries me that MS have overclocked the Xbone to get more juice out of it to compete with PS4's GPU.  Usually overclocking means 2 things;
1. more heat and we know how the 360 dealt with heat.
2. Reducing life

Personally I wil do the following;

Wait till the first XbOne mod.  Then buy one.  

PS4 wise, will wait for the first upgrade.. by that I mean the first 'slim' where v1.0 problems will have been ironed out like overheating, the addition of better quality drives and even additional output ports which will probably be in 6 months time.

I bought day one 360 and PS3 and both died on me.
360 - RROD
PS3 - they updated the bluray firmware at the same time of the COD release.  The day 1 bluray drives died there and then.

Im not making that mistake again.

#1 xbox one cpu or gpu are not overclocked
#2 gpu is still underclocked just because they increased clock rate does not mean overclock but instead less underclock this gpu is at 1000MHz normal so anything over that would be overclock
#3 excessive heat was not the issue with 360 but rather industry standard where they had to switch to Lead free solder which was a lot weaker and at that time much lower melting point.
#4 if you read anything you would of noticed that they said xbox one is built to even work with no air flow.
#5 they told you that xbox one can lower the power consumption in order to prevent failure (for instance user butting xbox into a plastic bag under full load)
#6 PS4 is 14cu for graphics vs 12cu on xbox out of those 14 they have to set aside extra for audio processing and need to use gpu cycles for moving data in and out where xbox has move ingines to do that work and full audio chip so power difference is not in ps4 favor as you're lead to believe.
#7 Ok if you compare GPU vs GPU yeah PS4 GPU is more powerful but then you look at all the work that the GPUs need to do on each system and what's left for pure graphics you will see even playing field with xbox having faster Coherent memory and faster feed for the gpu.

They have 14cu's in xbox one they just disabled 2 of them because increasing clock speed results in higher performance because it speeds up everything in gpu more than simply 2 additional CUs would. The amount of ROPs in PS4 is not needed for 1080p. But they went with OFF THE SHELF PARTS means not much customization where xbox went with full custom and only inplementing as many things as needed with high efficiency.

It's like you saying that just because a car is V8 that it's faster than V4 but if you look at efficiencies and the fact that V4 has a turbo to help with it in the end whole engine combined in V4 provides faster car vs just raw V8



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Ps4/xbox One Tech Spec Comparisons 'meaningless'
« Reply #16 on: October 16, 2013, 07:30:34 AM »

#3 Lead free solder has a HIGHER melting temp but then of course, MELTING Temps are meaningless. Xenons shut down at 120C, not 220C. Lead free solder is slightly more brittle than lead and cracks under thermal expansion stress. Thermal expansion? what's that? Otherwise known as excessive HEAT!

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