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Author Topic: Problem With Updating Xbox Corona 4gb With Rgh Squirt  (Read 84 times)


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Problem With Updating Xbox Corona 4gb With Rgh Squirt
« on: October 03, 2013, 02:39:18 PM »

Hi guys, a friend gave me a xbox slim with Corona 4GB and RGH with Squirt chip, and asked me to update it to start GTA V. I followed various guides including to install FSD on HD and use the program through this the Simple Nand Flasher 1.3. I pull the NAND (48 MB), connect the pendrive where it saved the NAND in the PC, open the J-Runner, load the nand, I select the dashboard 16537 and the option RGH2 and I click on create Xebuild Image.

IPB Image

and it created the image of the nand changed. Reconnect the pendrive to the xbox, I log on to FSD Simple Nand Flasher 1.3 and I flashed the NAND changed.

At this point the xbox restarts and returns to the original dash with dashboard 16537. I enter an originale game and I get the message Play DVD, I flashed the drive with firmware 0401 as indicated above (which mounts a Freedom Xecuter pcb) with the DVD key taken from the J-Runner (see picture above) and it does the same thing. I mount PCB LTU2, I flashed the firmware LTU2 1175 always the same CPU KEY and always tells me Play DVD ..... (in both cases when I send in vendor mode the driver me tick marks on the PHAT and no on slim, is this normal?)

IPB Image

What could be wrong? It's not that I haven't install the DashLaunch 3.10?


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