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Author Topic: Broke Pbl Metoo, Possible To Fix?  (Read 39 times)


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Broke Pbl Metoo, Possible To Fix?
« on: August 04, 2013, 12:37:57 PM »

So, I was setting up a custom emulator dashboard and I accidentally overwrote the PBL metoo default.xbe (had my FTP settings to 'overwrite' like a dumbass). Its now stuck at the MS boot logo.

HD is locked (this is an assumption, but im pretty sure its correct one. Its a exploit, im sure it was locked?)
Dont have a backup eeprom
Dont have a 007/etc save on the HD

Is this thing a goner? Its been so damn long, im racking my brain for a solution but I cannot seem to find one. I need to get access to the HD to re-write that PBL default.xbe back over but I dont see any way :-/

It does not boot any non retail DVD-r's.

Is hot-swap my only option, because if so im fucked. I dont even have a PC with a PATA cable anymore. And even if I did im sure I would just get sucked into hours upon hours of failure. That was never a good solution.

I think i'll just need to find me a lpc rebuild and a modchip. sigh

Any advice is appreciated smile.gif

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Broke Pbl Metoo, Possible To Fix?
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2013, 10:50:40 AM »

HDD Hotswap should work fine but not done it in years. Pretty simple though. Otherwise, IIRC there were tools to "unlock" a locked xbox1 hard drive that came out toward the end of the life of the machine. Been way too long since I have even seen an xbox1. smile.gif

Your all else fails fix of obtaining a modchip should work too.



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Broke Pbl Metoo, Possible To Fix?
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2013, 01:19:42 AM »

PBL? Seriously? Man just hotswap the sucker using Babylon and be done with it.

Cant post DL links due to rules (uses XDK) but seriously man, forget PBL. Get with today lol. Oh and once youve hotswapped (E12 works a treat) BACK UP THE EEPROM. Before you eat breath or nail a hottie always backup the XBOX eeprom. NEVER do comercial work, charge for service witjout the eeprom.bin file. That way you can always make the customer happy.



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Broke Pbl Metoo, Possible To Fix?
« Reply #3 on: September 20, 2013, 08:26:36 PM »

what did you actually write to replace your bios loader.
i dont get why you dont error out.

any way its a REALLY long shot (and i dont think it will work)
but try and boot halo 2 or a later game to update your dash by trying to log on to live..

thats your only real option if you cant hotswap. short of a mod chip or borrowing a similar system thats flashed/chipped and then re writing your eeprom to the borrowed systems eeprom..

as you state that you would need a lpc rebuild, then you would have a 1.6 console. and if your not chipped then the hard disk is definatly locked.

if its a stock drive. i posted a tutorial on unlocking those things without the eeprom here some where.. but your still out of luck if you dont have a pc you can use.

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