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'System Wave'

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« on: July 25, 2013, 06:36:10 AM »

               Hello all,

Since I sold off my Xbox 360 in preparation for the PS4 (yup goin Sony this round) I decided to breakout the good ol "Black Box."

It's been forever since I have been on these forums and used my original Xbox for that matter, but I wanted to run my scenario so that others might try to troubleshoot in this fashion.

It is known that error code 07 usually tends to mean that the Xbox DVD drive has gone bad. (This was my case but the onscreen code was far misleading "code 5-9 HDD error")

Anyway I ended up trouble shooting the jumper on the HDD and it work for while but at a rather slow pace.
supremely slow!!! I could not longer boot straight to dash either which really didnt matter as I was hoping to play some emulators on the old box.

I dont know what happened but shortly after I purchased some component cables and once connected and powered on, I got the dreaded 07 again!!

anyway i tried the jumper cable to no avail and finally decided to F it and pull the DVD drive all together.


The xbox for some reason responded greatly from this method. though i have an slug of loading in the flubber screen, everything else has sped back to its original modded xbox form!!!

needless to say I've got my retro machine back online!

So if u guys have the xenium but are getting the 07, try disconnecting the DVD drive all together.

Also, I ended up pulling the yellow power cord that supplied power to the dvd drive and left the IDE cable connected so that there wouldnt be and shorts (less at least)

Hope this helps!!! Sorry if this is old news!

have fun


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