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Author Topic: Curious To Know What You Think As A Store Owner...  (Read 206 times)


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Curious To Know What You Think As A Store Owner...
« on: June 15, 2013, 11:32:27 PM »

With the news hitting the new console, with Microsoft implementing restriction tools within the Xbox One, Im curious to get opinions from different consumers.

As a store owner, i obviously seen it all. From the regular customers that have standards as to what to expect, to the other extreme. Some kids just don't understand or want to, and let it known.

It is not very pleasant to have conversations trying to explain certain values and necessity for a store.

When I get the whole "psffff! Your going to give me 10$ for a 60$ game!!" It makes me feel bad that these customers will leave with the mentality that we are out to "rip them off". When they bring an old game that is clearly not maximum value anymore. 2,3 or sometimes 6 months old and still bring the fact that they paid 60$ at original purchase.

I have been on the other end in the past, but being behind the wheel of the ship, I now understand the requirements of running a store.

So, Im curious, as a sincere answer, what it reasonable credit value for a game that resells 40$ used?

2 penny for thoughts :

1 - When you buy a new car, it looses 50% of the value as you leave the lot! It is still not "used", you just left! but if you were to go right back in to sell it, you would get half period.

2 - New games... We make so little margin on the new games. Many think that a 60$ game makes a store rich!!lol If you only knew, I can assure you that it is maximum 7-9$ profit on a new game. Do you have any idea how many games you need to sell just to cover cost of the store. No store in the history of gaming could survive on new titles alone, unless you sell other commodities with huge margins.

Debate is on.

Thank you for your time.

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