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Author Topic: Report: Trade-in Process For Xbox One Revealed  (Read 292 times)


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Report: Trade-in Process For Xbox One Revealed
« on: May 24, 2013, 11:36:14 PM »

Retailers have reportedly leaked details about how buying and selling used games will work on the Xbox One system, and how it will give money back to publishers and Microsoft itself. Speaking at a conference with "key retail partners," MCVUK is reporting that Microsoft representatives said that the new system will integrate with its own cloud-based Azure game tracking system. Gamers will only be able to buy and sell used Xbox One games at pre-approved retail partners who have integrated their computer networks with the Azure system. Both Microsoft and the game's original publisher will automatically receive a percentage whenever a customer buys a used game.

When a gamer chooses to sell off an old game, the retailer will register that person's copy of the game as having been sold on Azure. After that, Azure will automatically wipe the game and its license from the seller's account. To play the sold-off game again, the seller must purchase another copy. Chances are this erasure would happen when the Xbox One was "checking in" with Microsoft's servers, a process described by Microsoft vice president Phil Harrison as taking place every 24 hours. Once sold, the retailer can set the price of the used game for resale, although rumors (see below) suggest that used game prices might have to include an "activation fee" set by Microsoft.

It is unknown what percentage of the profits from a used game sale will actually go to the retailer. A rumors reported by suggests that the retailer's share of proceeds from used game sales could be as low as 10%. That's close to the retailer's share of the profits from a used game sale, and much lower than the share retailers currently receive from sales of used Xbox 360 games. The same rumor suggests that the price Azure would set for used game activations would be around $50 (�35). The rumor does not specify if this would be a blanket price for all games, or how it might change over time as games got older.

It's worth noting that we're likely almost a half-year from the Xbox One's release (every home console release since the PS2, including both the original Xbox and the 360, has launched in November), things could change, but the first reports of the Xbox One's unique architecture likely mean changes are in store for used game retailers.

Source : OXM

"pre-approved retail partners who have integrated their computer networks with the Azure system"
Here comes GS/EB world domination...

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Report: Trade-in Process For Xbox One Revealed
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2013, 08:29:50 PM »

Maybe the upside is GS/EB wont be able to rape its customers? Trade in a game and get $10 only to see someone in the back slap on a $49.99 sticker? Always made me sick hearing what people got for trade-in and then see a used copy on the shelf for $20-$30 more...

Who's to say MS doesn't create an auction website for USERS to buy and sell.... (i want 10% profit if that happens..)



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Report: Trade-in Process For Xbox One Revealed
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2013, 08:57:06 PM »

The thing most people don't understand if this goes down, is that you the consumer won't see any changes at the retail level. They will still slap a 49.99$ or even 54.99$ sticker on the game they gave you 10$ for. The difference is that GS/EB will not be cashing in the whole profit, this system will give Microsoft one piece of the pie, and the developers the other.

This was just a creation from the suits to cash in on the used market. Technically GS/EB is getting the short end of the stick in this deal in some way, they will be given a bone, but no meat on it.
This is why after the announcement, GS/EB's stock dropped a few points.

EDIT : The other possibility (without this "azure" system) is that yes, games might seem cheaper at the retail level, like 9.99$ used game, but then a 40$ activation fee once you get home. That to me will seem more like a reality, making it easier for the suits to get their piece of the pie. But it just conflicts with the trade in value, if its the case, you can be sure you wont get much for your trade ins anymore. They might just use the whole divide and conquer attitude... making it "legal" to trade so retailers don't hate on them, but slowly discourage the gamer to actually trade in.

so many possibilities, so many assumptions, we will just have to wait and see the full details of this story as it develops.

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