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Author Topic: Jasper Got 0031 Right After Dashboard Update  (Read 73 times)


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Jasper Got 0031 Right After Dashboard Update
« on: December 07, 2012, 05:11:31 AM »

I have a very strange situation here, any help is more than welcome, it is a Jasper 16MB (Resident Evil Special Edition), reached my hands with the official dashboard 12xxx, I read 4 times with Matrix NAND Programmer + nandpro, all equal. I created the ECC with Multi Builder v0.95a, wrote the .ecc to the NAND with nandpro, installed Matrix Glitcher 2 Rev. C, flawlessly always glitched in few seconds. I created version 15xxx of the dashboard with Multi Builder v0.95a (not yet updated to the latest dash), inserted the USB stick, fired up XELL and updated. Job done. I closed the console.
Only one detail missing: update to the newer dash, opened jRunner and created the image with dashboard 16xxx, I do not remember if I choose RGH1 or RGH2, sticked the USB on the console, started XELL and started to update but on block 000d it stopped the update, I decided to turn off the console after 20 minutes standing in the same block. I created a new dashboard image with 16xxx RGH1 and again from XELL wrote everything until the end. I disconnected everything. When turned the console nothing happens (no image, no error only the the green power LED). Does not boot to XELL neither to the dashboard. I opened and rewrote the entire 16MB original NAND and at the moment has the secondary error 0031, appears after 1 second and the fan does not turn. Can anyone help?

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