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Author Topic: Automatic Backup Software For Mysql Database  (Read 32 times)


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Automatic Backup Software For Mysql Database
« on: November 13, 2012, 07:28:40 PM »

Are you in a panic of the data that takes you much time and great effort to record being destroyed without any sign? In your eyes, everything in your hands seems to be held well. But why all of the important data information disappears completely after one night? It is like magic, isn't? However, fact is not so interesting as magic. How would you face the loss of the precious data? Probably a small loss will be a great disaster. Why you must be fear of the data vanishing like bubble? Not only the hard work but also the spirit will be a great loss for you. Therefore, how to manger your data safe and sound is crucial.

In the daily work, we often need to put some related data together into a place like a warehouse and deal with them in accordance with corresponding requirements of management. For example, the personal departments of enterprises or institutions always store the basic information of the employees such as the workers number, name, age, gender, country and resume etc. into tables. Maybe it will make you secure a little by backing them up in a table or in the system regularly if the number of the people is very small. While, the situation is not so easy once the data becomes large and the regular method cannot be effective and practical. Naturally, many unexpected problems will arise, such as the database in a mess, even disappear suddenly. But if the database can be backed up automatically on your computer, your work can be achieved in a very high level. Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL can be a great assistant in this progress.

The software is a powerful program that can provide all the advanced features that you expect to help you clear away all the obstacles in the process. No matter the MySQL databases is from remote or local, Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL is capable of scheduling the backing up and restoring the databases easily by reliable TCP/IP protocol. Also, you can back up one or many databases and restore them to the same server or to any server.  Don't worry about the size of the databases. It can support unlimited size databases (larger than 20GB). Furthermore, the compression in the software can save more storage space for you. Want your backup getting quicker? Never mind, the MySQL backup tool has a buffer to speed up your task.

From now on, you don't need to be around during the backup process any more. What you should do is to set the time intervals for the automatic backups in the scheduler. All the newly created databases and tables in the MySQL server can be backed up automatically when you go out. Meanwhile, you can create new folder names by using date/time information for storing the backup files every time, delete older backup archives based upon dates or the number of backups that you wish to keep and limit the maximum size of each task log file.
Another great advantage in the Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL is that it works as a stand-alone utility and doesn't require any additional software. Besides, it is unnecessary to have MySQL installed on your local computer to perform backups or restores.

Unforeseen errors or problems can occur at any time, whether you are online or not. Undoubtedly, it is very necessary for you to have a MySQL backup tool like Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL to protect your database from loss. With the tool to manage your MySQL database in your hand, you will be on the top of everything.

Wendy is a professional software developer who is keen on  Automatic MySQL Backup software developing and designing. To learn more about Automatic MySQL Backup, please visit http://www.databaset...e/mysql/backup/

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