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Author Topic: Jtag Partition 2  (Read 126 times)


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Jtag Partition 2
« on: November 10, 2012, 11:33:56 AM »

Hi, quick question here.

Just curious if there is any 360 side app for the creation of partition 2. Last I checked, a few years ago, it had to be done via the PC. It would be extremely convenient, as I don't have a transfer cable/windows OS/ anything but a laptop where I am living at the moment (I used to swap in the stock 8gb hdd with hacked compatibility partition, which could fit about one game on it at a time - but I no longer own this).

Other aspects of 360 modding have gotten easier to perform without the PC. For instance, not having the actual Jtag cable to dump/flash nand used to be a pain, but is no longer an issue unless something goes so wrong that Xell is non-functional.

I've searched a bit, I see hdd_compat_partition_fixer, but not sure if that will actually create the partition to begin with.

Otherwise I guess I'll just get a transfer cable.

PS: Is there a decent backwards compatibility list for the v5829 files?

Edit: Nevermind! You need to transfer a file to the partition from the 360 (xexmenu/freestyle/whatever) before it works properly via ftp.

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