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Author Topic: Solar 4.2 [released] "stand-alone" And "rogero Manager&  (Read 249 times)


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Solar 4.2 [released] "stand-alone" And "rogero Manager&
« on: June 24, 2012, 11:18:25 PM »

YouTube Link to Video Preview


PS3 Developer and tortuga cove resident condorstrike has just release an update to his PS3 Homebrew application Solar, now version 4.2, and CondorStrike never disappointing. Solar, now more beautiful than ever has been updated for both stand-alone and Rogero manager versions, the latter which automatically loads while idling. With a rebuilt 3D engine and a bunch of new elements, Solar is definitely one of the most beautiful homebrew apps in any scene. Check below for video, and changelog.


Hi guys, Here's another update, Solar v4.2.

Even though I took a little break, I'm back with a new Solar update; added a bunch of stuff this time around , most of them are in the changelog.
There's two versions, stand-alone and Rogero Manager's. For Rogero Manager both PKGs need to be installed.

1. Solar.pkg
2. Solar_RELOAD_RM.pkg

After installed it can be launched from XMB or automatically while Rogero Manager idles.
Hope you enjoy it, thanks.


Solar v4.2:
Rebuilt the 3D engine.
Added more items to UI interface.
Added memory counter.
Added FPS (frames per second).
Added better light engine.
Added a 2 hours counter for system turn off.
Added ICON1.PAM (animated icon).
Added an intro loading screen.
Added Solar system trivia.
Added some minor MP3 player tweaks.
Created 2 version (stand-alone/multiMAN & Rogero Manager built in "automatic launching").
And a lot more stuff, I should write them down as I


For the ones that dont know a few uses are:
FTP server
MP3 Player


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