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Author Topic: [tool] Xebuildguimini V2.55 By Nknave [tool]  (Read 401 times)


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[tool] Xebuildguimini V2.55 By Nknave [tool]
« on: June 29, 2012, 02:19:03 AM »

xeBuildGUImini v2.55 ( Fash xeBuild ) by Nknave

IPB Image

Sometimes all we want to do is enter our CPU key and have the app
do it all for you without having too many options or buttons, this
and that....

Now it counts with the posibility of creating images at a future by
implementing a simple system that allows you to update xeBuild core,
dashlaunch fbBuild pack and opening the doors to a possible 'glitch3'
image creating in the future ( subject to change )

If your situation is this one, just follow these simple instructions:

It's a lightweigh app that functions this way:

1- At load, you must first install a kernel of choice since that is not
  provided in the release, you must install from a zip or rar file
  downloaded from Microsoft preferably.

2- We create our launch.ini with the included tool via the button in the
  lower right section of the window.

3- Once installed, we open our NAND of origin.
  - If it finds cpukey.txt, fuses.txt or KV_Info.txt next to it,
    your CPU Key will be automaticly copied!

4- Main windows will be populated with information about the nand based on the
  CB and it will determine what image it will create (JTAG, RGH 1.0 or RGH 2.0,
  RGH3 is not even released, but if you get this, that means you can't do it yet )

5- Options will be unlocked depending on the results of the opened NAND based on CB
  - No fcrt.bin for Slims (Trinity)
  - JasperSB 16 MB with FlashConfig 01198010

6- You'll be able to choose version of kernel to create the custom NAND, your choices
  are the kernels you've installed and has few failsafes to avoid building the wrong
  version of the hack.

7- When creating the image, you'll be prompt asking if you wish to copy to a USB device,
  or simply save to your PC.

8- As easy as this! wink.gif, Avatars update installation can be added in this feature so that
  you can perform a full upgrade/update.

I take this momento to thank Swizzy one more time for his xeBuildGUIv2.04 source which
was of great help in my programming education, especially understanding binaries and CB!

Thanks Swizzy!!!


1- At load, some options will be disabled, since there is no kernel installed for it to work,
  You'll be prompt to install one or install it your self with the button in the lower right
  side of the window.

2- We now click on "Edit launch.ini" to create one or modify an existing when available.

3- We now click "Open NAND" or if you have Xell running, we configure the IP to conect to it,
  and we can download via HTTP in your LAN, in the other case using the local function, we
  select our NAND image to work with.
  (This binary must be your original backup or a modern freeboot image)
  - If any of the cpu key text containers is available, it will automaticly pick it up for you.

4- Choose options according to your console and needs and we click "Create custom NAND Now"

5- We allow the application to do it's job and at end you'll be prompted if you wish to copy
  to a Removable USB device, we say "YES" and a window will pop up with the options for you.

6- The rest is pretty straight forward from Xell and the Avatars update installs like a norma
  Microsoft update after installing the custom NAND.



- Added an IP scanner from a defined Range ( Due to Corona's current Xell not displaying video,
 you may now scan the IP address and obtain what you need wink.gif
- Removed anoying messages that would say that the download failed when it didn't
- Overall improved Downloading method to obtain "flashdmp.bin" from Xell via IP
- Various bugfixes under the hood


- Corrected a bug in version 2.53 wich was using Microsoft.VisualBasic.Powerpack and was
 causing the application not to load due to missing .dlls files.. all cause of a line :S
 Thanks to ROTOR from EOL that was PMing me about this issue.
- The app now runs under .Net 2.0 to make sure it runs just about in any pc since most
 already come with it.
- Added an 1blkey.txt validator where if the key within is not valid, it fixes it to make
 sure xeBuild doesn't build incorrect images. (this key is lost with every xeBuild update)
- Added an _jtag.ini, _glitch.ini & _glitch2.ini fixer to ensure that "..\launch.xex",
 "..\lhelper.xex" y "..\launch.ini" are present, if not it will add them to make sure this
 app meets it's purpose... that is to make it's usage an ease.
- Added Corona's CB to give proper support on building images with xeBuild v1.04
- The app now comes updated with xeBuild v1.04 and dashlaunch v3.02b


- Redistributed main panel's assets and added console image representing opened nand image
- Removed the option of jasper256/512 and replaced by jasperbb which covers both


- Implemented a download twice sistem for downloading NAND from Xell, performing a binary comparison
 and this way reducing the chances to build corrupt images. As recomended by Swizzy
- Added a language Selector at first time boot
- Updated language files to support the new system
- Corrected characters in spanish language ( can now see � and graphical accents properly )


- Fix issue with DashLaunch Updating feature ( wrongly copying lhelper.xex )
- Now bundled with the latest cores: xeBuild 1.03 and DashLaunch v3.02
- Removed 'debugout' and replaced with 'autoswap' in the launch.ini editor
- Few translation changes ( does not fix the spanish unique characters )


- First Release in English.
- Added a function to download NAND via XellReloaded with it's CPU Key along with it
- CB Verification instead of saying "UNKNOWN" now says "GLITCH3" which opens the posibility
 of creating this image type in the future when it's available and released without need to
 update code in this app. ( attempting to build an image that says glitch3 will fail since,
 there is no hack and current xeBuild have no support for that either. )
- Implemente a traduction system where the files can be easily edited since they are in *.txt
 format and it's distribution within is not complex ( carefull with spaces )
 - Languages in this release:
   - Spanish ( some issues with language especific characters like, �, etc )
   - English ( functional )
- Release comes with xeBuild 1.02 and DashLaunch v3.01 since I'm an unlucky Jasper16mb owner
 who has issues with the latest patches, but you may update the cores easily with the buttons
 in the lower part of the window.
- Separated or better said, added the option to update only the 'common' folder for xeBuild kernel
 called hack_builder in this release
- Restructured some tools like COPY2USB and KERNEL INSTALL



- Cambios fuertes como:
 - Agregado actualizador/reemplazador de DashLaunch via la seleccion del fichero "launch.xex"
 - Agregado actualizador/reemplazador de xeBuild manual via la seleccion del "xeBuild.exe"
   y asi automaticamente copiar todo el contendio de esa carpeta a la carpeta "hack_builder"
 - Elimnado la opcion de descarga de FS Kernel desde servidores de M$
 - Implementado nuevo metodo para agregar FS Kernel de cualquier version que este disponible:
   - Basado en las carpetas de kernel dentro de "hack_builder"
     - Si actualizas el xeBuild primero, automaticamente saldra las carpetas de kernel
- Nuevo look en Negro... me aburri del look que tenia

* No tiene soporte para kernels nuevos como 15572+ ni para RGH3 pues que todavia no se liberan
 sin embargo el poder actualizar xeBuild y dashlaunch siempre seguira funcionando para consolas
 JTAG, RGH1 y RGH2, a menos que cambien los parametros de creacion cual solo lo veo necesario
 para la creacion de RGH3 o bien algo diferente que se ocupe para el nuevo kernel.

De cualquier forma estare al pendiente y seguire actualizando esta herramienta lite wink.gif

Ahh... solo quiero mencionar que he descontinuado por completo mi "360 HackBox" cual era un todo
en uno, debido a que no tuvo mucha demanda ni popularidad, en cambio esta herramienta es muy
sencilla y aun yo la utilizo para hacer rapidas actualizaciones.



- modifica algunos valores en GENERAR para launch.ini donde se contempla
 las mejores opciones por defecto
- agregado "toolTip" donde muestra informacion de las funciones de dash launch


- Actualizado con DashLaunch v3.01 beta
- Agregado Configurador de launch.ini
 - launch.ini no viene incluido, tendras que generarlos minimo una vez
 - este sistema contempla las opciones mas austeras de launch.ini como:
   - Default
   - BUT_X
   - plugin1
   - 14 opciones de true (verdadero), false (falso)
   - configurador es primitivo y no tiene traduccion ni informacion por
   - Generar uno por defecto contempla las opciones que en mi opinion son
     las relevantes para el usuario final.

v2.2 Full y v2.2b

- La aplicacion ahora utiliza el mismo sistema que utiliza 360 Hackbox v1.04 Final
 - Agrega soporte para extraer la CPUKEY desde "cpukey.txt", "fuses.txt", "KV_Info.txt"
   en el orden que se muestra.
 - Agrega boton para obetner CPUKEY desde Xell via IP
- No tiene FS Kernel preinstalado, tendras que utilizar el boton que te permite
 ya sea descargar o instalar desde un zip o rar para asi crear imagenes con xeBuild.
- Debido a lo mencionado anteriormente ahora tambien tiene soporte para copiar la
 actualizacion de avatars al USB si asi se desea

Cambios en v2.2

- Ahora utiliza xeBuild 1.02
- Ahora utiliza DashLaunch 3.00beta


* Agregado soporte correcto para Jaspers256, Jasper512
* Agregado la opci�n de usar "Sin Memoria Interna ( MU ) "-a nomu" en xeBuild
- Eliminado el texto de instrucciones... tan sencillo es de usar que sale sobrando wink.gif

* Corregido _tipo.ini en kernel 14719 para asegurar que DashLaunch si sea
 agregado durante la creaci�n de la NAND hackeada
* Incluye AUD_CLAMP para JTAG con HDMI

Otros previso a 2.1 solo existieron dentro de 360 Hackbox


- Team Xecuter
- Reset Glitch Hack - GliGli
- Swizzy - code based on CB, mobo, hack type verification.
- Tiros - for the various contributions to the scene.
- This GUI - Nknave(yo)

- More detailed credits within the app.


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