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Author Topic: 0022 Fixable Xdk?  (Read 243 times)


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0022 Fixable Xdk?
« on: May 10, 2012, 08:21:21 PM »

Well, last year I bought a xenon xdk, broke twice got it fixed. Still broke. but this time it's 0022. it was always pnet banned. for whatever reason now, idk how it happened but it has 0022. From my research 0022 is a pnet brick. BUT it never connected to pnet. I never had a valid kv. I've heard of some new software that can unbrick your software bricked kits. What i'm trying to figure out is if this is unbrickable or if this is actually a pnet brick? If so, how could it possibly be a bricked console without connecting to pnet?


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