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Author Topic: Remarrying A Bluray Drive  (Read 276 times)


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Remarrying A Bluray Drive
« on: February 04, 2012, 07:34:18 PM »

Hi all, today i received a 40Gb PS3 that has a failed bluray drive.

This came from my cousin so i know the history.

The console was purchased from new and never had much use till the last year or so.

Anyway last week while playing the console froze, upon restart the game disc was picked up but was struggling to read and eventually stopped recognising the disc at all.

He decided to replace the the bluray drive so purchased a new drive, same model number, from ebay and swapped his controller board on to the new drive to lock it to his console.

He put the console back together and put in his disc but the console still fails to pick up the disc.

He took the console apart again and took the top off the bluray drive and noticed that the disc wasn't spinning at all so he has given up and gifted the machine to me.

I took a quick look today and noticed that with the console's original controller board the drive does not spin up or attempt to read discs.

With the new controller board, from the new bluray drive, the drive spins up but doesn't load the disc, presumably because the "locking key" is different.

I am lead to believe that the consoles own controller board has developed a fault and so i am looking for info on how i can remarry the new controller board to this console.

The console is a phat 40gb but as it has been used online it has been kept up to date with firmware updates so is running the latest firmware v4.00.

Is it possible to remarry a drive on this version or does the console need downgrading in some way i.e. e3 flasher?

Or is remarrying drive's a myth and therefore i should accept it won't read a disc again and just use it to play my psn store owned games?

Any help is greatly appreciated





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Remarrying A Bluray Drive
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2012, 01:35:56 AM »

am pretty sure you'll need to downgrade the firmwre. then remarry. I think the firmware is 3.15 or will need a E3 flasher or progskeet.


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