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Author Topic: I Have A Question About The Us Version Of The Xbox360 Game Otomedius E  (Read 219 times)


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Yeah I've got some burning questions about the subtitles in the intro video in the US version of the XBox360 game Otomedius Excellent.

I know that it has English subtitles that accompany the intro video of this game (one of the rare strange anime games that you wouldn't think would make it to the US but did). So I'm wondering is this hardsubbed (part of the actual video file) or a separate subtitle file. If it isn't hardsubbed, do you know if there is a way to disable the intro video's subtitles in the option menu of this game? Or is removal of the subtitles an unlockable item you get from beating the game? Or if you select in the game or your system menu that your primary language is Japanese, does it automatically disable the subtitles? Or is there maybe a hacked version of this game that could be played on a modded XBox360 that would have the subtitles file deleted?

If it's hardsubbed, then are there 2 intro video files, one for with, and one without subtitles on the same disk? So they can have one as an unlockable, or maybe based on your language selection or maybe from a subtitles "disable" option? If not, is there a way to download an unsubtitled version as part of xbox-live downloadable content for the game?

Whether or not I can disable subtitles will be a deciding factor for me to purchase the game or not. As a true hardcore Japan anime fan, I prefer subs over dubs, but always prefer listening to Japanese (a language I don't even understand) rather than having a subtitled (and thus butchered) version. Only if it's all in Japanese spoken language does it seem truly authentic (though if the game's title itself is translated to English in the logo I don't particularly care). So while I will probably play it once with subtitles enabled so I get an idea of what's going on. After that I'd play it with no subtitles if possible to get the "true Japanese experience".  And so I REALLY HOPE that it can have the subtitles disabled by the user's choice. If the game doesn't have a disablable subtitles file (or a second unsubtitled video to switch to), such that I'm FORCED to always accept the subtitles, I'd just choose to not buy the game.

So this info and answers to my above questions in the top 2 paragraphs of this post will be what I need to know to choose to buy this game or not. So please, if you've played this game before and can answer my questions, please do answer them.

Thanks for any info you can give me on this game regarding the above questions.

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