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Author Topic: Update Error, Out Of Ideas  (Read 359 times)


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Update Error, Out Of Ideas
« on: December 06, 2011, 12:12:27 AM »

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum.  I have an exploited 360 (simply because in the country I'm in it's cheaper to buy a hacked Xbox than it is to buy unhacked by about $200) and I need to update it to play Skyrim and Arkham City.  I downloaded the update from the Xbox360 support site and used a flash drive to get it to the Xbox to update.  Then I get that wooonderful error telling me that "My console has been tampered with, I can no longer go online or install updates OR play new games."  I'm cool without LIVE, but man if I can't get some Skyrim in the near future, I might wither up.

Honestly, I'm sure this question has been covered but I don't understand all the lingo and technical jargon you guys are using.  As much as I hate to play up the dumb girl stereotype, could anybody point me in the right direction to get a fix in plain English?  I'm much better at hack and slashing than hacking.



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Update Error, Out Of Ideas
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2011, 07:03:26 PM »

Are you trying to play the original skyrim or your "backup"?

Also when was the last time you went on live & were other games working on live before you got banned, do you know what firmware is on your drive & what your current dashboard version is without this info might be pretty hard to help, oh and one last thing what sort of dvd drive is it?

Tried to keep it simple english, hope you understand what it means biggrin.gif

Anyway for what its worth try this fix as your banned so it wont hurt and try get some more info to us.

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I think this is my first post in here (ok it is the second), first when i saw this "fix" But as you can see from my join date, it is not that i have been flooding this board with messeges so far i have only been reading.
I was sure that someone was trying to be funny.
But cause my friend my was so desperate to play mw3, he ask me to try this.

And i am shocked but it actually works, i know that i am still flagged for ban. But at least i can enjoy a few more days (maybe only hours) of gameplay. Super nice

And my xbox is not jtag, rgh or another hack.

Only latest firmware update from c4 and lite on burner max.

I took a standard usb flash drive.

1 First format it in your xbox (if you have not already done it)

2 Put it in your pc

3 Download Horizon (search google for horizon+xbox360)

4 Download latest update from here

5 Drag the update you just downloaded into Horizon and it will copy too usb drive

6. in your xbox go to system settings => Memory => Hard drive. Press "Y" for Device Options and then last Clear System Cache

7. Start the game, it will ask you to download the lastest update. Accept it and now it is working online again

8. Every time you restart the game (meaning shut down the xbox or just go to the dashboard you have to repeat step 6
Could someone inhere please explain why it is working, cause i do not understand it.

But it is, i can even provide a video from my iphone if anyone needs proof.


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