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Author Topic: Was Z Or Z Steel Soldiers Released On The Xbox?  (Read 244 times)


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Was Z Or Z Steel Soldiers Released On The Xbox?
« on: October 04, 2011, 09:22:48 AM »

Title prety much sums it all up.
Any way i know i played Z Steel soldiers on a PSX demo (its where i found the game 1st) But i can only find it for the pc I dont want it on the playstation though. I want it for the xbox. I think in america it was released as steel soldiers (without the Z)

Any way im asking because like i said i know it was on the playstation but i cant find any reference to it being on the playststion any where on the internet, so i can summize that IF it was released on the xbox then there is a good chance that it just dosent get mentioned about that either..

i dont want to emulate a PSX game on my xbox if i can buy the real deal and have the game in my pile'o'games

So any info would be greatfuly recived..

heres what i know about it:
its called "Z steel soldiers" but it was 1st released as "steel soldiers" In the Uas and the 1st game was called "Z" (i would prefer the second one "z steel sodiers"

And it was made by : The Bitmap Brothers.



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