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Author Topic: Win Some Ms Points/gold Membership  (Read 212 times)


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Win Some Ms Points/gold Membership
« on: August 08, 2011, 05:09:24 PM »

Are you looking to win some microsoft points for an arcade game or add-on, or some gold membership to play with your friends? Well your in luck, you just need to do it the same way I did.

All you need to do is go through some offers, filling out fake information and submit it. Once you do so, you get points for it. With enough points you can get yourself a code (which they send you through email after a day or two) and there you go!

If your interested, just check out this site Rewards1. com/2252661, scroll down and sign up. Contact me on there if you need any help completing offers, and enjoy your premium account.

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