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Author Topic: A More Completing Psox  (Read 288 times)


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A More Completing Psox
« on: July 03, 2011, 03:49:50 PM »

So I am going to be attempting to make a more complete PSOx, I still have a lot to learn/do but I plan on at least giving this a try. The changes I plan on adding are: Episode 4, making unattainable items actually drop, and trying to incorporate the online only missions into offline mode. I'm not positive the last two are actually possible but dammit, I'm going to try.



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A More Completing Psox
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2011, 01:02:38 AM »

Adding Episode 4 is possible along with the enemies(You will have to overwrite an existing area and it's enemies but its attainable)

However, adding the items will be much more difficult and would take extensive knowledge of the game, and programming, you would have to rewrite a lot of things and it's not a realistic goal.

Online quests are possible offline as long as the data is there, such as area and enemies. You will also need the quest files.

Hope this helps.



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A More Completing Psox
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2012, 10:51:12 PM »

Will this ever come to fruition?



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A More Completing Psox
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2012, 04:48:55 PM »

No, not completely. However, there is some additions. PM me for information.



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A More Completing Psox
« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2012, 03:32:14 PM »

Been playing with this idea myself and can say I can import all the area's though I have no intentions on doing any monsters items or objest

I do have a problem though and that is draw distance, I know the xbox can do it but on the maps that can be replaced the draw distance is poor, the ones that are great like the CCA map monsters are not targetable but area's like the Crater and Wilds looks great

For both these issues I don't know what files to edit to get either monsters to work or change the draw distance

The preferable fix would be Monster targetting as I could have stronger monsters and there should still be enough area's available for EP4 area's to be dropped into (Desert I should get away with a low draw distances as it is mostly indoors, though will have to fully test as some of it does have large area's)

For EP2 anyway my results look a lil like this:....
(NO) = Monsters are not targetable
(YES) = Monsters are targetable
12 Labo (Not tested)
13 Temple Alpha [1-3] (YES)
14 Temple Beta [1-3] (YES)
15 Space Alpha [1-3] (YES)
16 Space Beta [1-3] (YES)
17 CCA (NO) {Draw Distance Perfect :|}
18 Jungle east (NO)
19 Jungle north (NO)
1A Mountains (NO)
1B Seaside (NO)
1C Seabed upper [1-3] (YES)
1D Seabed lower [1-3] (YES)
1E Boss 5 (Not tested) Crater would make a nice boss area,
1F Boss 6 (Not tested) specially a multi boss fight....
20 Boss 7 (Not tested) 3 or 4 Dragons maybe
21 Boss 8 (Not tested)
22 Seaside Night (NO)
23 Tower [1-5] (NO) {Draw Distance good though}

As for quests I would be doing my own or haevy editing a couple of the BB ones... if they are worth it, for now the only quest I would be doing would just be the basic none quest play through, still plenty of monster and object spawns to replace, that alone will take alot of time :S

P.S. all the EP2 none working area's are map_jungle0X_XX not tested much on EP1 but know the forest area also did not work but the ruins area did (ruins = map_ancient0X_XX)

It doesn't seem to be any of the map files that control monster targetting or draw distance

I'm not a programmer though (Unless you want to count ye olde basic or html), though I have done alot of hex work but some of that is luck, most the time I stick to what I do know and thats mostly text hex.... kiddy stuff or action replay type of modding (search search and play with mem dump hex around the same area)

Basicly if anyone can help in this it would make a few gamers happy

I already done a bunch of online to offline mode for xbox (Not anything too hard, but I did add the few BB quests that used EP1&2 area's converted [minor script editing] to work on xbox aswell and edit the offline quest board [Wow the hex skills, or lack of as it was in plain hex text, no converted shifted hex text]) only done the 4 packs so far... (2 quests are the same throughout the packs) actually ran out of quests to add and not had any real idea's for new quests... yet, just dont want to add bits n pieces of pathetic quests

EDIT:- Oops looks at how old the OP post is... sorry sad.gif

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