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Author Topic: Editing The Flubber And Xbox Splash Intro Screen On V1.0 Xbox  (Read 166 times)


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So.... I have been modding for quite some time now. I have done about 20 Xboxes, some more than once each blink.gif

But I have recently found a buddy of mine who picked up an original xbox from goodwill for 20$ w/ a 160GB hdd in it working and all.  dry.gif

Now the funny thing is that the Trademark symbols are missing from the splash and the fog and xbox logos are blue and weird colors.

The even funnier, weird thing about this xbox is...... when I took it out of the working XBOX and loaded it up into my PC, (an old AMD I built and use primarily for original XBOX HDD upgrading.) the hard disk drive was frozen..........  uhh.gif  uhh.gif  uhh.gif
You can't lock a frozen drive and can't freeze a locked drive....

I am pretty sure that meant the friggin' thing wasn't locked in the first place. I looked all over the thing for a modchip inside. None I could find......

I have copied everything off of it to a bare drive already on my PC. (Still 800GB free on that drive.. tongue.gif )
I locked the HDD from my buddies XBOX he got from goodwill with MY XBOX motherboards eeprom and put it into my xbox. IT LOADED RETAIL MS DASH??? It's like the thing hadn't ever been modded??? uhh.gif

So basically my questions for you pros are:
1: How in the heck did this XBOX do this?
2: How can an XBOX run without a locked HDD that doesn't have a modchip if at all?
3: How do I do this to EVERY SINGLE XBOX I find from now on??? (I have a couple in the house I would like to do it to at least if nohing else.)

I have a V1.0 XBOX with Retail 4034 BIOS:
The BIOS MD5 sum: (According to BIOS checker 5.0 in AID) = "B49A417511B2DBB485AA255A32A319D1"
I softmodded it via copying the mech assault game save into stock M$DASH, and then running mech assault.
I upgraded the hard drive to 320GB WD Caviar Blue via XBOXHDmkr and it has 120 on F: and 170 on G:.

Any help would be appreciated as I know how to log in to the "usual places" to get what I need, just don't have knowledge in this field to get me through it. I have researched this topic for days and it's kept me up until 5AM at times.

Oh, and I have done way too much searching about this on the web, but the guides are never clear enough on how to go about editing the Flubber and Xbox splash screens on xboxes as a whole.

I will video tape the Splash for anyone requesting it. It is definitely a trip!

One last thing, anyone that knows anything about what EEPROM keys and RC4 codes are and what they do? I won't post any here I know the rulz. :0) Just want to know more about these things for future reference....
Thanks, happy.gif

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Editing The Flubber And Xbox Splash Intro Screen On V1.0 Xbox
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2011, 04:21:43 AM »

The Xbox has been TSOP flashed, that's the answer to your three numbered questions.



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Editing The Flubber And Xbox Splash Intro Screen On V1.0 Xbox
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2011, 02:55:05 AM »

because heimdall dosent like to self advertise much il just say this..

if you soft mod your xbox, then solder up the write points (i just use conductive paint its much faster, just scrape at the solder with a pin 1st to guarantee good conductivity,)
Put hexen disk in your xbox "heimdalls xbox engineering disk " (google it) then use the tsop flashing tools.
be sure to check which chip you have 1st, and then select the correct option.
I like the Ind-bios from the hexen disk.


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