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Author Topic: Smccfged V0.3 - Modify Your Thermals  (Read 119 times)


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Smccfged V0.3 - Modify Your Thermals
« on: May 05, 2011, 06:08:31 PM »

So I got yet another anon email today and inside was this handy little SMC config tool, thanks to the anonymous author for a great release wink.gif


smccfged v0.3
thank you, scene.
purpose: modify the thermals of a given decrypted smc_config.bin
        either overwriting smc_config.bin if --outputSMCCfg is not provided
        or writing an output file as provided via --outputSMCCfg

        limitation: this program will
  • force targets to be between 40 and 80 degrees celcius
  •                     force shutdowns to be between 60 degrees celcius and
  •                     the current smc_config's shutdowns
  •                     force targets to be lower than shutdowns
        note: this program was built to be used with an ibuild-decrypted
              smc_config.bin and fbbuild.  fbbuild will error if for some
              reason the CRC calculation is incorrect and this is a good™
              thing.  pay attention to fbbuild's output as it will error yet
              still produce an image!
              the algorithm for calculating the SMC Config's CRC was provided

usage: smccfged <options>
      --inputSMCCfg=<decrypted smc_config.bin>
      --outputSMCCfg=<still decryptedfilename>
          [optional; if omitted, input file is overwritten]

power usage options: (all required)

Source :

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