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Author Topic: Switching Nands Between Consoles, Is It Possible? (or Just Use Kv?)  (Read 320 times)


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Well, this is an old topic, but I just did a bunch of research on this subject...

There is a 'KV Hash Check' that takes place with any Xbox 360 console that uses a type 2 keyvault (in other words, anything other than the early Xenons) has later than 7371 dash on it.

This means, the stock NAND is now tied directly to the CPU, so no keyvaults will ever be moved on stock systems.  You can get past this with Freeboot, but then you're not on a stock system anymore and trying to go on live would just be dumb.

The only way you could turn a 'banned' system back into a 'live' system, would be to replace both the CPU and the NAND from the unbanned system, over to the 'banned' systems motherboard.  This means, a Falcon would need to be swapped out with another Falcon cpu, a Xenon to a Xenon, a Trinity to a Trinity, etc...  and also it means, it's pretty much not worth it.



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Switching Nands Between Consoles, Is It Possible? (or Just Use Kv?)
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2012, 08:57:54 AM »

Hey guys, looking for some advice on what can be done.

Here is the situation:
I have a flashed drive, banned Falcon that was hit with the 2.0.8955 update and I haven't touched it since it was banned, I know JTAG is out of the question for it but was maybe hoping for RGH.

I also have a stock Zephyr that I was having the GPU reballed on, but that whole process failed and now I have a mobo with both the GPU and CPU chips pulled off.

Since the banned Falcon works great, I was wondering how I can turn it back into a Live-enabled console. I have the firmware dumps so I can turn the drive back to stock, but I was thinking of having a dual-nand setup, RGH and stock.

The Zephyr is really only good for parts so I thought about pulling the nand from it and putting it on the Falcon. Is this possible to do if the mobo is different? or would I just need the KV from it? (Yes, it does NOT have the dash that broke the ability to dump the nand.)

Can I pull the nand from the Zephyr with the chips off the board? My instincts tell me no since there's a break in connectivity on the board.

Oh, and I have a RROD JTAG Xenon that I have the nand from also if only the KV is needed or a functioning JTAG Falcon that I plan on never taking online?

I have more questions about DemoN, RGH, etc. and the setup that I should use but thought this would get the ball rolling. wink.gif



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