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Author Topic: Temporal Wars 3d Game Engine For Xna  (Read 315 times)


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Temporal Wars 3d Game Engine For Xna
« on: February 08, 2011, 01:31:17 PM »

Hi All!

Been working on the following XNA game engine for the past 3 years�

TemporalWars Home Page

TemporalWars GameEngine Page

IPB Image

Contains the following features;


   * Per-pixel dynamic lighting
   * Normal occlusion mapping
   * Reflection handling
   * Powerful explosions, fire, and smoke particle systems
   * Glow post processing effect
   * Bloom post processing effect
   * Guassian Blur post processing effect
   * Powerful Shadow-Engine

IPB Image

World Editing Tools

   * Terrain �Height-Tool�
   * Terrain �Paint-Tool�
   * Terrain �Item-Tool�
   * Terrain �Property Tool�

IPB Image

AI Behaviors

   * Aligned
   * Arrive
   * Cohesion
   * Flee
   * Follow Path
   * Obstacle Avoidance
   * Offset Pursuit
   * Seek
   * Turn-To-Face
   * Orientation
   * Wander

IPB Image

Available RTS Components

   * 3-Thread A* Pathfinding engine
   * Minimap component
   * Statusbar component
   * Fog-Of-War component


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