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Author Topic: Oem Ms 250gb Silm Hdd. And Xbox Classic Compatiblity  (Read 322 times)


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Oem Ms 250gb Silm Hdd. And Xbox Classic Compatiblity
« on: December 30, 2011, 10:28:45 PM »

Hey I am new to the whole RGH/JTAG scene, so if my question is childish in anyway, I am sorry. But I have a 360 slim 4gb with the RGH/(cygnos rev e if that matter) and I purchased a 250gb Microsoft internal hdd for it. Now I read several guides, On installing games and exacting them, I have no problems with the 360 games, but my Xbox Classic I do.The internal Hdd was label Hdd1 from the start. What I did first was ran hddxfixer from FSD 2.2, on the HDD1. Rebooted my 360. Nothing Changed, I didnt see a second partition or anything. So I just added the 2007 hacked compatibility files to my HDD1(yes there in a folder name compatibility). My games are extracted on an External hdd, in the root under a folder called Xbox1 with individual folders labeling each game. it comes up "game could not play" with no error code or anything when trying to be launched from The Xbox Classic Menu.

Now I have tried multiple ways to add the compatibily files,
First was the way I describe.
Next I Reformatted the hdd1 within the NXE dash(with the cgynos switch on). Then add the hacked emu files
After that didnt work I tried hddxfixer. Still same problem.
So I reformatted again with NXE cygnos Switch on Then applied hddxfixer then add hacked Emu files to hdd1.
Then I tried reformatting with cygnos switch off. Then Applied hddxfixer then add hacked Emu files.
same message when I try to launch an xbox classic game from the external hdd.
I have tried moving them to the internal hdd. Same results again.

Pretty much the only thing I don't have is a way to connect my internal hdd to my computer, so I can try xplorer Restore partition 2. Is there any other way to restore Partition 2 within my 360. Am I forgetting a step?
And how should partition 2 appear in fsd under file manger.



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Oem Ms 250gb Silm Hdd. And Xbox Classic Compatiblity
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2011, 01:05:50 AM »

Sorry I am the biggest retard ever, My FSD setting where not setup to view HDDX, so thats why it never showed it. Now everything works correctly


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