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News: forum restored.  registration disabled.  thanks to xboxexpert for the db dump and netham45 for cleaning it up!

Author Topic: N64 - Project64 - Wwf No Mercy Hacks  (Read 36 times)


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N64 - Project64 - Wwf No Mercy Hacks
« on: January 25, 2010, 06:57:20 PM »

I downloaded Project 64, Rices Video plugins and The Juice's TNA Impact texture mod, I got the textures to load but its pretty choppy/jittery am I doing something wrong here?

Here are my PC's specs, it should be able to handle it fine IMO...

eMachines EL1331G
1.8GHz AMD Athlon Processor
2GB RAM (1.75 Usable)
64 bit Operating System

Well, I found out one thing just now, Turning off the in game music helped the in-game play, plays normally, but after a match going back to the main menus still jittery...


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