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News: forum restored.  registration disabled.  thanks to xboxexpert for the db dump and netham45 for cleaning it up!

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Author Topic: Rock Band Custom Dlc  (Read 684 times)


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« Reply #60 on: June 04, 2010, 02:23:13 AM »

QUOTE(kewlmonk @ May 19 2010, 04:56 PM) View Post

OK, so is there a way to get ENTER SANDMAN into the RB2?  I'm a little confused?  Maybe someone can PM me?
I've also lost my RB1 songs ... i was able to export them without going online, but then after i tested it and it worked I went back to move my other DLC over (after using yaris - because i have 2 xbox's one for live and one is jtagged for the living room) - i got all the songs to show up in RB2, but then the RB1 songs disappeared and i can't export anymore - Rb1 keeps telling me i have to be online, but it didn't do that before.  Do i have to delete the RB1 songs from the drive first or do something different with the license?   FYI - I paid for the license and all of my songs, I'm just trying to get them from my 20GB drive that i use for my online system to my jtagged unit i have in the living room.  

Any help would be really appreciated - I've been at this for a few months already and the only thing I just can't seem to get to work right are those exported songs sad.gif

Did you use Yaris on the license file?

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