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Author Topic: Xlink Kai "gamercards"  (Read 241 times)


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Xlink Kai "gamercards"
« on: December 04, 2008, 03:48:57 PM »

I thought I might as well post this here as well on the official forum, enjoy!

So how do you use the card system?
- Start off by visiting where the cards are produced
- Enter your xtag in the generator
- Pick a style from the examples below
- Choose whether you want to use SgtLegend's free card hosting (scroll to bottom of page if you don't see it), or host it yourself on a photo sharing site.
- Wait for the image to be created. (This shouldn't take more than ten seconds)
- Use your card wherever you want!

To login to use hosting, enter your kai login information here http://www.teamxlink...nredirector.php

Note: To change what games/information show up on your card, edit your Xlink profile on the main site, then re-generate your card.

Current card designs:

IPB Image Tx White - By (-TU-)CrunchBite

IPB Image Extreme TX - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image GTA IV - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image H3 Anarchy - By {OG]-Anarchy-

IPB Image Halo 3 - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image MHF2 - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image SwiftEdge - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx 4 Girls - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx Apophysis - By [1up]SgtLegend

Whats with the kai logos on my card?
IPB Image
-If you are seeing these images anywhere on your card it means that you have said (in your profile) that you own less games that the card is showing. For example: most cards show 5 game images, if you own 4 the last image will be a kai circle.
-Alternatively, there has been an error in the kai system (not the gamecard system) and there is no image for that game!

If you get an error from the system, please send me a forum pm with the error text and I will try to solve the problem.

Want to create a card design?
- Make a card background and save it in PNG format
- Contact me and explain what information should be on the card and I will work with you to get it just right!

Enjoy the XLink Kai Cards!  biggrin.gif

NOTE: The official thread is

More Designs:

IPB Image Tx Avada - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx Bluespace - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx Connection - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx Core - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx Cosmo - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx Cryogen - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx DeathBlade - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx Glare - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx Halo 2 - By (-TU-)CrunchBite

IPB Image Tx Halo CE - By (-TU-)CrunchBite

Even more designs:

IPB Image Tx Metal - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx NightMare - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Tx SteelBall - By [1up]SgtLegend

IPB Image Xlink Evolution - By [1up]SgtLegend



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Xlink Kai "gamercards"
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2009, 05:30:35 PM »

Wow this is so awesome! Thanks for the link man.



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Xlink Kai "gamercards"
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2009, 07:58:01 PM »

I've added a ton of new features, and a new URL:



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