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« on: January 14, 2009, 05:35:44 AM »

               Hi You Guys,

Great site.

Just a wee question.

Im upgrading HDD to 100 and want to put linix on to PS3.
Was reading in here that best to setup a 10Gb partation for linix.

Q1. So when I install the 100Gb will there be a option to format 90gb first then 10gb (or be best for 10gb and 90gb)
Q2. Which verion ie link would have Graphic picture (like windows) rather than typing.
Q3. When best install guide to use in here as been reading threw then but they refer to differnet O/S
Q4. I probally be using USB HDD to install, if I install to this 10gb space would I then not require the USB HDD

Thanks for any HELP on this.
You GUYS are the BEST in knowledge and wisdom.



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