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Author Topic: Windows 98  (Read 355 times)


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Windows 98
« Reply #45 on: June 23, 2003, 01:38:06 PM »

 I enjoy both windows and linux.  I have one windows xp machine and one mandrake 9.0 machine at home.

I would have to say that windows is "easier" if you consider the amount of support it has.  If you pick your hardware carefully you can have just as easy a time installing and using linux, but if you want the most variety of hardware and software you had better go windows.

Here are some reasons:

I personally think ATI cards are much better than Nvidia's GeForce series.  While there are some linux drivers available for Ati's cards, they are nowhere near the quality of the windows versions.  The card works perfectly in my windows machine with a simple driver install.

I also bought and installed a soundblaster live to upgrade my linux box from the onboard sound it was using.  It unfortunately was not as simple as plug and play as in the windows case.  I had to rmmod the old driver, and modify my modules.conf appropriately and modprobe the emu10k1 driver to make it work.  After that I had to use kmixer to modify all my settings, which promptly got removed every time my pc restarted.  I got it working fine, but you would think that it would be easier for possibly the most popular soundcard in existance right now.  The card works perfectly in my windows machine with a simple driver install.

I also installed a capture card to get mythtv working.  Of course again I had to go and set some unintuitive property on the btaudio driver module to make it work.  The card works perfectly in my windows machine with a simple driver install.

I also wanted to install an ir reciever to control mythtv.  No problem I thought.. I'll just use lirc and install a serial port reciever.  So I built a serial port reciever and went about installing lirc.  Well it turned out I needed to recompile the kernel, and then create the character device link for the reciever.  Last time I checked there were several well supported ir recievers for windows and none require any more effort than pluging them in and installing a driver.

My favorite thing is that I brought my pc in to work to install mandrake and did so with no problems.  Then I brought it home and plugged it in and the monitor settings in my XF86Config file were not compatible with my monitor at home so it just said "out of scan range" when I booted it.  It was no problem for me to fix, but how would a newbie feel?  Most people would probably expect their computer to work on any monitor without any problem.  My windows pc does.

As far as look and feel goes, Windows XP and a newish version of linux with KDE or Gnome are both fine and equally easy to use I think.  Most newb type people don't have any problems using my linux machine.

My point is this.. In day to day usage and upon initial installation, windows xp and linux with a nice window manager are probably about equal in useability.  But anytime you want to modify your pc hardware in linux, you had better know what the hell you are doing.

For the record I will say that my Linux machine is more stable than my windows machine.  That is, it has only crashed once in the last 3 month timespan and my windows xp box has crashed twice.

I don't play games on my pc's much so I don't have much comment about that.

Hopefully someday hardware vendors will support linux from the start.  And hopefully the plug and play hardware capabilities of linux will improve to the level that windows has.  But until that day comes I cannot say to a complete newb that Linux is "easier" than Windows.

Just my 2 cents.



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Windows 98
« Reply #46 on: June 26, 2003, 09:26:31 AM »

Why pick one over the other because you "think it is easier". Easy is not always better!

I never said Windows is better. I said it is easier to learn.

If everything can be done so easily with a GUI...why is it that I keep seeing people in tutorials saying do this and that in the command prompt? And yes I have used Linux before.

What is with everyone saying that everything is "command prompt" driven? Sure, there is a powerful shell behind the OS, unlike Windows, but you can still do just about everything through the GUI... (Including all administrative functions).

If everything can be done so easily with a GUI...why is it that I keep seeing people in tutorials saying do this and that in the command prompt? And yes I have used Linux before.
Maybe you can do everything with the GUI, but you'd probably have to set it up to do so with command prompt first  laugh.gif

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The unProfessional

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Windows 98
« Reply #47 on: June 26, 2003, 11:30:24 AM »

 Good lord... just let people use what they wish.  

If they feel windows is "better" for reasons X, Y, and Z, fine.  
If they feel Linux is "better" for reasons A, B, and C, fine.  

("better" is a wildcard... easier/more powerful/etc/who cares)

Stop trying to make people feel dumb because they prefer apples to oranges.  Seems like this argument REALLY stands the test of time -- but never goes anywhere.

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Windows 98
« Reply #48 on: June 26, 2003, 12:49:02 PM »

 This is my experience with linux: (ON PC)

1.Downloaded Best Linux 2000
2. ran the installation fine it was a easy setup...
3. I got good res 1024x768 I tried to chage it and looked everywhere, stupid me it's not windows...
4. Downlaoded quake 3 demo
5. DOuble clicked on it... nothing happened
6. after 1h i checked the file size it was like 4kb wrong so i redownlaoded it and now the install started and i was woho!!!
7. After install i got shortcuts auto like windows COOL
8. Tried to start it and there was no acceleration driver i used a tnt2 nvidia... it did detect the card in the installer..
9. went to downloaded the newest drivers and installed it..
10. I don't know a shit about kernels adn i just installed it and then when i restarted my OS was fucked up...
11. And how can u install a accelerator driver if u are a newb?

Windows driver is easy to install intalls and if u install wrong drivers atleast u can start the os and reinstall good drivers...

Sorry for my poor english  dry.gif

Edited by TB_88, 26 June 2003 - 08:51 PM.

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