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Author Topic: Stream Videos And Music To Playstation 3  (Read 127 times)


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Stream Videos And Music To Playstation 3
« on: December 18, 2008, 01:01:36 AM »

Yesterday Nero has released an update of Nero MediaHome 4 with some nice additions and fixes. You can grab the update from the official site:

  * Stream music, videos, TV programs, and photos throughout your home
  * Organize your media libraries at the touch of a button
  * Stream your iTunes� files with just one click
  * Convert media formats automatically for any device
  * Access web radio stations and popular podcasts

New Features
  * Implemented easy setup with step-by-step guide and automatic configuration
  * Implemented automatic online update for the device compatibility database
  * Added support for MPEG-4 video playback (including DivX� and Xvid) and movie thumbnails on Microsoft� Xbox 360�
  * Further improved browsing speed
  * Further improved visual quality of thumbnail graphics
  * Player controls now show device names and icons

  * Thumbnails cover art was not correctly updated if the media file changed
  * The content in the "\All Audio\" folder was not immediately updated when new folders were added to the "Shares" list
  * Previous user settings were not kept after an update was installed

Though the trial version expires after 15 days of use it will still be running and usable afterwards! Just the realtime transcoding and TV streaming functionality will be turned off. So if you don't need those features then it's kind of free wink.gif

Video of Nero MediaHome 4 on a
Playstation 3:
Xbox 360:

Have fun pop.gif

This is a cross post of this thread in the Xbox 360 forum. Sorry if this is not wanted or violating any forum rules.

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