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Author Topic: I Need Some Questions Answered Before Hand Please :d  (Read 137 times)


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I Need Some Questions Answered Before Hand Please :d
« on: October 04, 2008, 11:54:40 AM »

Ive used the search but it doesnt have an advanced search to search in certain parts of the forum. And I have plenty of questions that need answered.

If there was a FAQ about this then it would be easy, i used google to find a PS3 OS FAQ but no luck, maybe I used wrong keywords, idk.

Anyways, im looking to install a Linux OS on PS3 and I ran linux 1 time and was very hard to understand. I was wondering what Linux software would be better to use? Right now I have my eyes set on OpenSUSE but the first Linux I used was Ubuntu. I heard OpenSUSE was better than Ubuntu according to several users. I remember having resolution issues with my Ubuntu when using Windows Virtual PC and idk if ill have the same issue with my TV. I have a Vizio LCDHDTV.

Also. If I successfully obtain a linux on my PS3, would I be able to just pop in a PC game into the Bluray and install a game or what? Idk how to install anything on linux, let alone a game. Im a linux nub tongue.gif

If something goes wrong with the linux installation, would it mess up my HD? Or just the partian the OS was suppose to be installed on?

I suppose the main issue with me is the Installing part of the programs within the linux OS. I remember having Ubuntu and trying to install something and i was puzzled like "umm ok... wth do i do now?". Like everybody else says "Linux is elite" and I agree, it takes more than just a few clicks to do stuff at some points which is kinda better that Windows.

Now if I backup my PS3 onto a USB how much of USB Space is required? cus i have a 1gb stick. I also have a 4gb Pro for my PSP but idk how to backup stuff Onto the PSP.

And burning linux on a CD/DVD might be an issue considering I never burned a program before. Idk if Ill have enough room either. The DVD's I have say 4.7gb data and opensuse is 4.3 so hopefully it works. I just dont know what to use... is it Nero? Alcohol? Cant remember.

One of the main reasons for why im doing this is to finally experience Linux and its true potential. As well as play MMORPGs on my PS3 (if its possible). Kinda have people in the house that like to go on PC and I only have 1.

Ill be very grateful if these questions are answered, please and thanks smile.gif



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I Need Some Questions Answered Before Hand Please :d
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2009, 06:56:10 PM »

no u cant just pop a disc in the ps3 and install it. u might want to read up on the basics of Linux. its not for everyone.. alot of cammand line stuff. u need to understand terminoligy etc...the ps3 is not a multitasking platform. only has 256mb ram. which linux can only use 200mb of that. u cant run alot of programs or games. there linux does not have access to the ps3's 3d engine or openGL. There is no "Flash" on the linux ps3. u can tgo to like YouTUbe and watch a video. DOnt work.

its pretty much for surfing the web, playing a few low end games. super nintendo emulators etc..
the blue ray will not even reconize a pc disc. nor will linux reconize it or any "exe" files.



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I Need Some Questions Answered Before Hand Please :d
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2009, 08:22:47 PM »

i have not rely used OPENSUS i have always stayed with Debian and ubuntu, ubuntu is VERY easy as far as linux goes. it has a package manager with a GUI ( lets you search for and install software without having to compile. you can use apt-get command if you know the exact name of the software ie
sudo apt-get install vi
sudo=super user do  apt-get(package manager) vi(program)
or you can use .deb files, the closet thing to a windows executable you will find on linux today. Most muliplatform popular and over all "big" projects will have .deb's like firefox vlc wine, all you do is download>open>click install.
you can use synaptic   system>administration>synaptic package manager you simply browse software, download it, and it installs for you
finaly the most popular way is compiling, just untar ( or right click extract here in nautilus)
open terminal  cd Desktop  >> cd <file name> >>./configure>>make>>sudo make install
its pretty simple
a 1gb usb drive is good enough most desktop edtions of any flavor ship with a GUI ubuntu being no exeption if i can remember correctly ibex or hardy is about 700mb ( forget but its less than 1gb)
I would reomend ubunutu not only because i love debian but it is rely the easyest flavor of linux to use. it even has a graphical instalation


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