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Author Topic: How To: H.264 + Ac3 Audio To Ps3 With Seeking  (Read 167 times)


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How To: H.264 + Ac3 Audio To Ps3 With Seeking
« on: January 31, 2008, 02:27:11 PM »

I originally posted this on the official Playstation Forums here, and haven't been on this site in FOREVER (after going through three different usernames  tongue.gif ).  I do often browse to PS3 Scene though, and figured the few people on the forums here might like this little guide.

Currently, there's a few guides on converting MKV's to VOB's to play them back on the PS3.  The problem with this?  Seeking doesn't quite work properly.  Seek too far and the video becomes choppy and unsynchronized.  Stop and continue playback, same thing.  I finally found a way to fix that.

The guide is pretty straight forward, and all of the tools used are free.  The result is a PS3-compatible M2TS file that you can seek through just fine, stop playing, and continue playing from any point in the video.  Note that if you do not have an AC3 audio stream, it is necessary to convert the stream (using BeSweet/BeLite) to AC3 audio (DTS and AAC do not work, I am unsure if MP3 and WAV work - I am still testing this).  If you already have your source .h264 and .AC3 files, you can skip to step two.

Now, for the process!

Step 1:  You'll first need to download mkvtoolnix and MKVExtractGUI.  After getting mkvtoolnix, place the MKVExtractGUI files in the same folder, and fire up MKVExtractGUI.  From there, you can drag and drop your MKV file into the GUI (or, in the input section, click the [...] and load the MKV).  Once it is loaded, in the content section, check off the AC3 audio and h264 video streams.  Set the extract location to a location of your choice, and hit [Extract].

Step 2:  Now that we have our elementary AC3 and h264 streams, it's time to make the h264 video stream compliant with the PS3.  This step is crucial; I have found, in the past, that even though an H264 stream is already at the 4.1 level, it still fails to play.  To process the stream, you'll need to download h264info (download  After extracting the program, start it up.  You should notice that, by default, all options are blank/unchecked (besides "Write PPS every picture").  To start, under input file, click the [...] button and load in your elementary h264 video stream.  Set the output file to a DIFFERENT FILENAME (or it will be overwritten with a blank 4kb file).  The extension should be .h264 (or .264, I don't believe it matters).  In the box to the left of the text "Level (1 - 5.1)", type in "4.1", and hit start.  This process may take a while.

Step 3:  Finally, the last step.  Download tsMuxeR, extract it, and start the program.  Under input files, click [add].  First add your .h264 stream, and then add your .AC3 stream.  If you want more than one track, you can simply add it as well.  Set the output type to "M2TS muxing", hit [Browse] to set the output file name (extension is .m2ts), and hit [Start muxing] at the bottom.  This process is quite quick, and shouldn't take that long (a few minutes, depending on the bitrate of the streams).

That's it.  The output file, in .m2ts format, is playable on the PS3 directly from a DVD or a flash drive.  If you want to put it on the hard drive, copy it from a DVD/flash drive, or send it through Red Kawa's File Server.  In the end, you end up with a fully seekable video file!

Enjoy everyone.  smile.gif



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How To: H.264 + Ac3 Audio To Ps3 With Seeking
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2008, 07:21:59 AM »

Yes, it works. But which is the maximum bitrate to wireless streaming medias? I have problems (sttutering mostly) when atry to stream 1080p/ 720p movies to my PS3.
Linksys WRT54G
Notebook HP core 2 duo 1,6GHz - 4 GB RAM DDR2 667MHz
PS3, of course.
Signal level ~ 80-90%
I suppose most users have a 56MBits router to streaming media to PS3 so a guide would be useful.


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