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Author Topic: Confusion  (Read 145 times)


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« on: July 14, 2008, 07:15:31 PM »

ok so some stuff on these sites sound completly weird i want to run linux on my PS3 ( http://forums.ps2dev...p?p=71696#71696 ) so i am obviously trying to read up and i am not linux fluent nor do i know half of what some of these threads are talking about in refferance to linux for instence: http://forums.ps2dev...pic.php?t=10142
what is libspe2 library or what is an SPU im just completly in the dark here on what is going on around me as far as all this go's there are so many terms and things im just not under standing would some one be so kind as to show me the stepping stones to understand what is going on around me and maybe make something of all this

what benifits is there in running linux on a ps3 aside from having a fully functional PC at my disposal how do i learn to "compile" code things like this

one thread that has really caught my attention that i have no idea what im reading is: http://forums.ps2dev...opic.php?t=8494

so ya if any one would care to elaberate on some of the terms and explain what is being discussed i would greatly appreciate it as i am completly lost and would like to take part in the community


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