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Author Topic: Yelloe Dog 6.0 Questions (linux Noob)  (Read 228 times)


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Yelloe Dog 6.0 Questions (linux Noob)
« on: July 09, 2008, 11:43:28 PM »

ok so people in these Forums obviously know how the install for YDL6 for the ps3 works i have a couple of issues that im not share how to resolve and a couple questions i would like answered from some one who has play with the PS3 YDL6 a little bit more


when i origonaly installed YDL on the PS# there are 2 things i set it up for and both of these have to do with my issues A) making the wireless work at the pain of the install my PS3 was using the hard wire LAN on the platform so obviously i set only the required fields for the wired connection and skipped the wireless set up portion of the setup (wrong choice) any how i need a little help or in detail instructions how to fix this from the YDL desktop or where to find the files to fix the fields.

obviously when i set up YDL it was on a standard tv so i followed some instructions ( dont recall what ones) to make it so the obviously/size of the screen would be fixed how ever when i tryed to set the screen res it wouldnt allow me too ( parabley just miss typed something some where or something being a linux noob) any how i said ok what ever and continued regardless (resulting in a crappy yet correctly fitting image on my TV)well now i have a HD tv and am stuck with a rather square looking image in a wider TV rather annoying does any one know how to fix either of these issues (ill try to find what exactly i did to change the screen size in the mean while)

i think this is really close to what i did all tho i know its not taken from the same thread as i used to install ill keep looking tho:
To do so edit the file (as root) /etc/kboot.conf

Change the line "default=ydl" to be "default=ydl480i".

General questions:

any one who has a PS3 knows that u have to either choose 10GB for the PS3 or 10GB for linux (im a gamer i chose 10GB for linux) any one that owns a ps3 also knows that the HDD can be freely upgraded how ever you are still left with the same choices regardless of the HDD size in the PS3.

i know in windows u can change partition size freely with acronis so i performed a google search for a version of acronis that runs on linux and found http://www.acronis.c...oducts/ATISLin/ does any one know if i can resize partitions on the PS3 using such a tool as acronis so i may have more HDD space than 10GB to become fermilar with linux a little bit more?

my other general questions are pretty simple i have some PC games that i believe have linux ports like quake 4 maybe (unshure) and im also unshure of some steam games as well all tho i do know i can run a linux dedicated server for CS from linux (ive seen multiple results when googling how to do this w/ a win based pc) i was curious what other generic pc games have a way to put them on a linux os or if there is some kind of list

im also interested in emulation on linux and was curious as to what emulators work well with linux i am very fermilar with XBOX emulators and such and i know xport is large for windows and XBOX and was also wondering if any one has played with any of these linux emulators on the PS3 YDL or not

so far these are all of the questions i have about my YDL6 on my PS3 any feed back ideas or constructive coments are always welcome and thank you for reading my thread


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